Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Purple Star Vs Planetary System (斗数对七政)







The purple star system and Chinese astrology both are a type of occult sciences that were thought to be originated from the '5 planetary systems'.

The stars used by the purple star system are mainly 'imaginary stars' perhaps because of the lack of advance astronomical calculations in ancient China that caused the calculation of actual planetary positions became inaccurate. So said, though with the employment of 'imaginary stars', the purple star astrology does reasonably accurate in life fortune predictions. Hence, there are many followers of this school.

The old Chinese astrology system which uses the actual positions of stars, planets, sun and moon is not popular and being neglected in this modern times though this astrological system has many uses. On the other hand, the Western Zodiac system became extremely popular nowadays. As the matter of fact, there are some differences between the Eastern and Western astrological systems. For example: the Chinese uses 28 houses to represent the constellation, the Indian uses 27 houses while the Western uses the 12 zodiacs. 

It is often overlooked that the arts of Feng Shui comprised of two elements: the terrestrial and celestial charts. The terrestrial chart refers to the flying star arrangements and the landscapes of an area. The suitability of the area is then determined by the 'dragon arrangement'. Bearing in mind that the terrestrial subjects are passive in nature, i.e. fortune will not come rolling by itself. So, we will need an active element which is the celestial planetary power to activate those hidden energies of wealth, status, sustenance and longevity. 

There is a saying that goes: "Without true dragon but with good timing, fortune should be fallen to people". Hence shows the importance of right timing for energize a place with auspiciousness.

So said, I have recently come across someone advocating the 'Purple Star Feng Shui'. Though it is theoretically not wrong, I cannot second his effort to put such system in place. The question remains: "Why was it that the grand master himself has not replace the imaginary stars with real stars completely?"

This must be true that the real planets still exert some influences to our human world. Please think if imaginary stuffs are used to attract fortune; then the resultant stuffs we get should also of 'imaginary and void' in nature am I not right?

Amateur masters do not care to understand, his one simple seemingly naive mistake will cause three generations' sorrow to an innocent household. What is the difference of killing the entire family then....

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