Sunday, March 24, 2019

Chicken Divination (鸡卦)






The correct way to pray to Taoist gods and goddesses is to offer the whole chicken but this rule is largely overlooked by modern folks.

After the completion of offering ritual, if a person wanted to know if his or her gods/goddesses will bring him luck and fortune, then he/she only needs to tear down one of the drumsticks; and removes the meat. After that he/she should observe the number of needle holes on the chicken bone: One hole means bad luck, two holes means so-so; and three holes and above means very good fortune and luck.

If we intend to know if the gods or goddesses are okay, then we can plug the chicken head and observe the soft bone beneath the chicken head: If the soft bone is thick and curves inwards; the gods/goddesses are happy. If the soft bone is thick but curves outwards, then the gods/goddesses are unhappy. But if the soft bone is thin, then it is extremely inauspicious and a new empowerment ritual should be in place.

In the event that the chicken is slaughtered in the household, then a chicken blood should be collected and the directions where most of the air bubbles accumulated represents the most fortunate direction; otherwise no fortune or the place is overlooked. One thing to remember when performing the chicken blood divination, the direction of the bowl should be consistent during the slaughtering of the chicken and the presentation of the bowl on the altar.

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