Monday, March 11, 2019

Rest In Peace Ritual (亡者安息法)












I got to know 6th Aunt many years ago when I visited my friend in Taiping Hospital. It was raining very heavily then and an old lady asked me for a free ride to her house in Tupai Road. I obliged.

Later I learnt that 6th Aunt was a very famous spirit medium in that area; and she did taught me many of her well guarded rituals. Regrettably I didn't take over her job and that now she has gone over the other side; hence I can only take an deep bow and say sorry to her.

One day, 6th Aunt asked me to fetch her to a household where a lady has committed suicide. It was said that the deceased has not died in peace.

When we arrived at the destination, the deceased was still lying in her bed.

Due to the fact that the deceased has consumed a large quantity of herbicide, her death face was extremely horrific. Even after the body was cleaned, the ferocious death face was still unforgettable until today.

We were told that the deceased was a teacher whose husband was having an affair. In a gist of fury, the lady swallowed a large bottle of herbicide and in extreme pain she shouted revenge before giving out last puff of air. The deceased family let the deceased wear red clothing and tug a pair of scissors in her right hand in the hope that her soul will transform into a powerful vengeful ghost. This is the only means that the deceased can see justice done on the culprit.

6th Aunt said that even though the husband has wronged, it was not right to disturb the deceased's rest in peace. For if the deceased has turned into a vengeful ghost, then it can never rest in peace and be reincarnated into good home.

After that, 6th Aunt approached the deceased and took off her red shoes. Then she threw the shoes out of the front door while saying: "Whatever hatred there maybe, may you rest in peace, when you returned; don't remember this worldly matter. Now, go, go, go!"

Later I was asked to fetch the shoes and put on to the deceased's feet` Very strangely too, once the red shoes were put on; the deceased's eyes closed and her facial expression relaxed. Perhaps it was too tired for the deceased to bring the anger to the other side I thought.

On the way home, 6th Aunt told me that this ritual does not work always as if the deceased is unwilling to settle, then the best thing is to hands off. After all, no one wanted to face a crazy powerful vengeful red shirt ghost. Why bother to take the blame for what we have not done after all?

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