Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Feng Shui And Mundane Astrology (天文地理)










A new international furniture chain store opened in Penang. On the first look, the location is ideal with North-South Highway in front and the sea at the back. So everything should be in order for business to boom?

We probably know by now that the arts of Feng Shui comprised of terrestrial survey and celestial survey or mundane astrology. The terrestrial survey comprised of the invisible elements such as dragon arrangements and flying stars; and the obvious element of landscapes. On the other hand, the celestial element looks at the dynamic activities of that particular area.

According to flying star, this furniture store should be good for 5 business years as the 8th period will end in 5 years. The reason is lacking of customers that at the end of the day; very few people would come even with the convenience of transportation.

The mundane astrology tells us another aspect of the economic activities of this area. Most of people lived there are doing passive and small businesses. There is no big manufacturing plants foreseeable for that area. So with passive customers such as old folks and those people who will make purchase during house moving or marriages. Luckily, the most lucrative businesses are from huge companies.

Still, the customers will be increasingly picky and difficult to entertain over time. So, 5 years is a reasonable period for this giant furniture store. Any time more than that, perhaps let's cross our fingers and wish them luck. Only time will tell...

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