Sunday, March 24, 2019

Future Auspicious Land (未来风水宝地)








A few years back my pal told me that a giant furniture chain will be built in Batu Kawan, Penang. He thought since there is already another fashion wholesale center in the vicinity, he thought it would be worthwhile to invest in local property market so that he could bag a fortune once the property price skyrocketed in a few year's time.

So just to satisfy him, we drove to Batu Kawan for site survey. After we went round and round, my pal suddenly asked me in bewilderment: "Would it still be too early to invest as I heard that the plan to build factories in this area is cancelled?"

On hearing his words, I laughed and said: "Provided that you have a lot of spare money, and that you can be sure not to touch your money for another 25 to 30 years; then go ahead! But if you plan to take a bank loan; my advise is just to forget about the idea. Because if you are borrowing 500k, by the time you paid up your loan plus interests; you would have paid more than 1 million ringgit! Added to the fact that it is very difficult to say if the place would prosper..."

My pal subsequently decided not to invest, and my further investigation on the location of the said furniture shop confirmed my doubt.

If you would ask when would northern Peninsular prosper? The answer lies in the flying star calculations of course. We are now in 8th period and in 5 years, we will be entering the 9th period. For the following 20 years thereafter; the southern Peninsular would enjoy prosperity and only then it will be the turn for northern Peninsular. So, it is indeed right time to invest in northern Peninsular if and only if you have a lot of spare cash. It would be extremely difficult to buy lands in Kedah or Butterworth during the 1st period. This is the same as buying a piece of land in Johor right now.

Then and again, it is not the fact that the whole of northern part will prosper. To determine if a place will prosper, we must also consider the mountain and water dragons. For example, during the period, the northeastern part should be mountain while the southwestern part should be lowland. The best example is the Johor Bharu and Iskandar project. During the 8th period, it should be the northeastern part that prospers, but since te northeastern part of the Peninsular is lowland; so the place has not seen too much developments. 

During the 1st period, the best place should be the area south of Mount Jerai. So if you can afford it, do invest in properties of that area but the benefits can only be seen after 25 to 30 years. Otherwise, blame it to your poor self; get back to work!


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