Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dragon Arrangements (排龙诀)






A relative complete dragon arrangement method is believed to be taught by Southern Flying Star School. There are two parts of dragon arrangements: first is the mountain dragon and then the water dragon. The common ground of both calculations is that the computations start from water mouth or junction. This is the most guarded secret of the past Feng Shui master... or did they understand this dragon arrangement technique at all?

Simply speaking, dragon arrangement is used to determine the auspiciousness of a house with reference to the dragon (road/river/mountain). If the dragon is awakened in time, then the household shall become rich and famous. Of course, the water mouth must first be good and the shapes of the river/road and mountain must also be pleasant to the eyes. If the water and mountain are inferior, then the household can only become rich.

So said, today, modern highways and roads are straight and furious, and that the traffic flows are inconsistent; it is thus extremely difficult to use the man made roads to make a fortune. Perhaps the best Feng Shui selection is that if we only seek peace and safety and not in monetary terms!

It is then best to pass this dragon arrangement method to whoever deserves it later.

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