Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Problems With Flying Star (飞星风水的问题)








The ancient arts of feng shui are only left with flying star charts nowadays as other more advance techniques become irrelevant. The above water dragon 3-yang-6-beauty' arrangement known as ' is said to be the well guarded secret of flying star feng shui master.

The so called '3-6' arrangement refers to the 3 rivers (roads) and 6 river mouths (crossroads). This type of arrangement is extremely common in Malaysian housing estates and nothing worth mentioning.

In order to be qualified, the '3-6' arrangements must conform to the auspicious rules of 'dragon arrangements' among all; all of the 3 crossroads must stay within one of those 8 directions. Also, the above arrangement only refers to the roads and not the actual rivers. Because of floods, houses built between rivers are subject to floods. So, theories are only theories.

After the house location is fixed, then 'dragon arrangements' are in order. Bearing in mind that it is extremely hard to find an auspicious direction that will suit all 6 dragons. Ok, let's pick the largest crossroad then. The next problem comes... we cannot simply change the facing of our house in any housing estates...

With a place and auspicious direction set, we still need a boost of planetary power to supercharge our luck so as to achieve maximum wealth and status. Unfortunately it may take years to get a good planetary combinations.

The fact is that modern folks wanting things to be fast and convenience. Waiting is normally not an option or else the dream house might be taken by others. So it is a norm to buy first and then having feng shui audit later.

All in all, if you like the house so much; then just go for it. As the saying goes: lucky people, lucky house.

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