Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Removal Of Corpse Odor (除尸臭)







This is a Taoist ritual taught by Aunt 6. She said when a person died and that the body need to be kept until relatives from a far have time to morn, this method will prevent the corpse from omitting foul odor. Other than that, this ritual can also remove bad aura brought from outside and hence return health to patient.

The method is first hold a piece of white fan and stand at location 1. Then try to observe the surrounding. If spirits of deceased's relatives are present, then bow 3 times at the space and recite mantra (not translated).

After that gently blow 3 breaths of air towards the empty space. Then blow another 3 breaths of air onto the white fan. And fan the white fan 3 times as shown in the picture above. Finally the white fan is places on an altar and it must be burnt during the burial.

I have seen Aunt 6 performed this ritual a few times but I have not tried so far as this method calls for special empowerment. Once I saw Aunt 6 performed this ritual onto a person who kept familiar spirit. After the ritual, the deceased suddenly moan and groan. And following that, white mist was seen rose from the mouth of the corpse. It moved towards the window and vanished.. Aunt 6 said the mist was the ghost which has possessed the deceased's body. Now the dead can finally rest in peace.

Of course, there is no need for such a ritual as modern refrigerators are available...

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