Thursday, March 21, 2019

Horrible Secretary (恐怖女秘书)













丙 庚 丁 甲
子 戌 卯 寅


I have problems with secretaries from multinational companies as most of them are high and mighty in the company.

One day a lady secretary by the name Lily came to me with tears and condemned me for not able to give her an accurate predictions on her love affairs.

I was quite sure that Lily had the possibility of encountering her soul mates according to her astrology readings. So I told Lily: "See, your love life should begin last year!"

On hearing my words, Lily started her more than 2 hours story: "I met with Dr. Chan in Hong Kong and we quickly fell in love. We continued our relationships for a few months thereafter. Dr. Chan used to call me at night after his work.

As you know, I have to take care of my boss's daily schedule and also entertain him after working hours. Normally by the time I returned home it was way past midnight. In order not to disturb my boss, I would switch off my phone when he is around.

Gradually Dr. Chan lost his cool and we quarreled over the phone. I took emergency leave and flew to Hong Kong in order to save the relationship. Sadly, Dr. Chan claimed that he already had a girlfriend and declined to continue our relationships.

After we broke up, I spread rumors about that idiot Dr. Chan being impotent and etc."

I interrupted Lily's story as it was late, I told Lily: "I can't help you. Go and haunt someone else!"

According to Lily's astrology reading, she is a very difficult person and she will find faults and hurt anyone who inadvertently offended her. While hurting others, Lily also hurt herself badly. Since she is such a stubborn and difficult person, I will not approach her at all circumstances. So I can only wish her best of luck in her true soul mate quest.

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