Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Fighting 3 Kills (太阳化三煞)












Feng Shui master once said: "When the sun or the moon is in the sky, there is no fear of 3-Kills and Tai-sui."

The 3-kill direction, day and time should not be tempered simply or big problems maybe fallen onto unwary folks.

I have heard of such a story:

The Commercial TV management has chosen a 3-kills date and time to fight 3-kills in the hope to be prosperous. They thought the VIPs would have the power to overcome the energy of 3-kills. Too bad that the luck was not on their side, heavy rain started to downpour and none of the VIPs attended the opening ceremony. Consequently, Commercial TV closed shop in 1978.

While I cannot be sure if such a matter has anything to do with 3-kills; on the other hand; I have once fought 3-kills a few years back.

Then, a gentleman came to me many times for help. According to him, a few of his family members suffered various stages of cancers and that he himself was also entangled with a pending court case. After a few times of visitations, I gave in and followed him to his ancestral grave.

After the initial audit, I told the guy: "Look, your ancestor's grave has cracked severely and that the wind is blowing into the grave causing the remains to turn black. Either you relocate the grave, or you repair the grave for good. Else, none of you or your family members will benefit."

The guy said: "It is virtually impossible to relocate the grave at this juncture, is it possible to repair it?

Then I realized that that the grave was facing the direction of 3-kills and it is not advisable to do any repair work that year. But I was under pressure to make a decision as many pairs of eyes were staring at me. So I said: "Die if I do, and die if I don't! Since your condition is urgent, then let's fight the 'sha' and see if your luck will change!"

Upon agreement, I have chosen a day when the sun moves in front of the grave and at the hour of 3-kills to start working.

Two months later, the guy rang me and he told me that his family members' cancer treatments were effective and recoveries were positive. Incidentally, he has won his court case and being awarded with some compensation. 

Of course, other than the sun; we can also utilize the power of moon although it might be less effective.

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