Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hantu Bangkit Vs Hantu Bungkus

Looks like a hantu bungkus... No... It's hantu bangkit... Hmm... It's human in disguise... :P

Once upon a time, the Malay believes that people without a groove above his or her lips are likely to be transformed into a hantu bangkit or “the risen spirit”. It is believed that if such person dies and a black cat crosses the deceased grave within 40 days of his or her funeral, then the spirit will rise from the grave and become a “hantu bangkit”. The sign of a deceased become a hantu bangkit is the appearance of a small deep hole on the grave of the dead.

When the spirit is arisen, it will visit its close relatives and perform its habitual duties as if when it was alive. If there is still a debt to collect, then this spirit will go to its debtor asking for money. It the person refuses, then it will grasp the hands of its target only to let go at dawn. This spirit will make its presence know to its relatives by making noises with the water ladle in the bath room.

If anyone wanted to prevent a hantu bangkit from entering his or her house, then what this person must do is to arrange as many pairs of flip-flops as possible in front of the person’s house. In that way, the hantu bangkit will be engrossed in counting how many pairs of flip-flops are there.

It is said that a hantu bangkit likes to visit its acquaintance in the middle of the night, and it can talk to anyone that has came across it. A hantu bangkit will only appear for 40 days only. The difference between a hantu bangkit and hantu bungkus is that a hantu bangkit has a ‘face’ while the hantu bungkus has no face at all!

Hantu Bungkus or literally means “a packet ghost” has many other names. Pocong, hantu bunjut, punjut or kocong.

According old Malay believes that a hantu bungkus is originated from a mother died in giving birth of her first son. It likes to stare at full moon and moves by jumping around. It is said that a hantu bungkus likes to materialize in the middle of a high way and causing many of the accidents on Malaysian roads at night.

A hantu bungkus can move as fast as a car, the only way to lose it is to run zigzagged as if a snake. Another method is to take off your pants if you ever come across a hantu bungkus. This spirit will make stamping sound on your roof to make its presence know. If you want to make a hantu bungkus your slave, just take a handful of soil and throw into its hollow face.

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