Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Secret Of Betel Leaves

Betel is the most widely used plants in traditional medicine or amongst the important present during a traditional Malay marriage proposal.

The Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Indian and Chinese communities also use the betel widely either magically or in medicine.

The secrets of betel leaves are:

* In the words of Luqman al-Hakim that when Eve was thrown to the ground (said to be thrown into South India and is now known as Sri Lanka), Eve felt ashamed and the only plants are there at the time were the betel (leaves of the time is said to be as large as trays) to cover her private parts.

* If examined a piece of betel leaf, shaped like a form of said female genitalia. In fact, some even say it looks like a map of India and in line with the original discovery of betel plants in India.

* Betel leaves are best for improving the function of reproductive system. Therefore, it is used for cleansing the private parts; in line for the leaves’ capacity as internal cleansing agent.

* To cure nosebleed by just by using a piece of betel leaf. The method is push a small folded leaves and into the nose of the patient and let him/her to look up for a while.

* In old days, visiting guests are served betel leaves, accompanied by nut, lime and glove.

* Betel leaves can help to make a face shine. The juice of betel leaves can boost inner strength and also can be used to wash private parts of women. In addition, it can be used for anti-aging purposes.

* Betel leaves are widely used in traditional medicine and magical practices. Betel leaves are a must ingredient in the worship of Thai Ruesi, the ‘Datuk” spirits in Penang and some traditional Malay bomoh.

* The spicy and malaise nature of betel leaves such as cloves, making it suitable as a mouth freshener.

* Put a few pieces of betel leaves on a child’s stomach to cure bloating stomach and crying incessantly.

* Betel leaves are one of the important symbolic elements in the Malay engagement and marriage customs.

*It is said that to if any single man or woman who can find a betel leaf with veins meet, then he or she will meet a soul mate very soon.

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