Saturday, June 30, 2012

What Does It Take To See A Jinni?

For the people who are inspired to see spirits with their naked eyes, I offer the below rituals for experimentation. Whatever consequences during or after performing the rituals are at your own risks. You are warned. These are not opening 3rd eye or remote viewing rituals; only suffice for you to make contact with the spiritual world.

1.      Collect some morning dew from Chinese Banyan tree leaves and apply on your eyelids.

2.      This is a ritual taught by Syekh Mahfudzsyaroni Magelang: Prepare the following ingredients:

a.       One  tiger bile

b.       One black chicken bile

c.        Some musk oil

d.       Crash all the above ingredients and apply on your eye lids and you will be      able to see spirits.

3.      Collect a pair of crow’s eyes dried them and crushes them into powders. Apply them on your eyelids.

4.      Collect some tears of buffalo and apply on your eye lids.

5.      Collect some tears of a howling dog at night and apply it on your eye lids. It is common believed that when a dog howls; it is seeing a ghost in the vicinity.

6.      Do the following ritual:

a.       Enter an empty room at night in the dark. It is best that if the room has been vacated for 40 days.

b.      Recite “Hu Allah” 21x while holding your breath.

c.       Recite " YAYARAI, DADA ARDI, YAMAYYITI " 444x

7.      Get an old mirror, for best effect; use the mirror that has been used in ritual magic before. Now, use this mirror to scan your environment slowly: just look carefully into the mirror reflections (not your pretty face please). In time you will see a shadowy figure in the mirror. Very important: do not panic or break the mirror! Otherwise the shadowy friend will accompany you for the rest of your life… Unless you can fix the broken mirror back. For extra fear factor: perform the experiment in the cemetery or a murder scene.

Good luck.


  1. Brother Liew plz post a love ritual which can be used intantly and a ritual where we can order our Qareen, humzad or Twin Angel to do some work without conjuring him or post a easy ritual to conjure him...I love Ur work....thnx

  2. In the above methods,I notice you wrote "Tiger Bile" twice,was this a mistake?I mean,what should be in the "a and b" respectively?

    Lastly,if the ritual work and we are able to see unseen world,then how do we reverse the effect of the ritual if we no longer interested?

    1. Hmm.. Thanks. indeed it is a mistake. Just ignore the other tiger bile then. I will delete one of them.

      There is no way of reversing. Magic is a life long commitment.

  3. Waoh! Irreversible would make it a disasterous jouney! Anyway,thanks for sharing,but pls post an easy to do and effective third eye opening rituals.Most of such rituals are not understood and even hard to do.It had been said that most of the time people perform Jinn evocation/invocation,Jinns are coming but people do not see them.That is why I need third eye opener to see jin9 whenever one perform jinn conjuration rituals