Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Signs Of Supernatural Activities

Below are some personal experiences while playing Ouija board, during outdoor camping, jungle tracking, ghost hunting or meditation.

I was told by my army friend that as an unwritten rule, especially in the wilderness one will be advised to keep what one hears and smells to oneself until one is safely out of the jungle. It is believed that by speaking out one’s experience directly will anger the spirits in the vicinity and make the person lost his or her way in the jungle. He also has personally seen white shadows flew over his tent at night in the midst of the Malaysian jungle.


1.      If you smell foul smell means there is an invisible being, Siluman around.

2.      A musty smell means king of jin is around.

3.      A sweet smell means there is a Dedemit or a non Islamic jinni.

4.      Smell of boiled potatio means a Gondoruwo or there is a shaman having a Gondoruwo under his or her service.

5.      A fragrant smell of Arabic perfume means there is a presence of Islamic jinn.

6.      A continuous smell of shrimp paste means there is working of black magic.


1.      The appearance of shadows:

a.       Black shadow: a harmful entity.

b.      White shadow: an earthbound spirit or local spirit.

c.       Grey shadow: a ghost or human spirit.

d.      Green shadow: a plant spirit.

2.      Objects moving by itself: tree branches, chair rocking by itself etc.

3.      Light orbs.

4.      A sudden appearance of insects or animals: huge butterfly, reptiles or insects such a grasshopper.


1.      Whispers, falling objects, footsteps, doors openings, dogs howling, singing, ringing of bells etc.


1.      A sudden drop of environment temperature means a spirit is around.

2.      A sudden rise of temperature means a harmful spirit is around.

3.      If part of your body felt numb, weak or pain.

4.      A sudden gust of wind.

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