Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Green Bamboo Ritual (插青竹)

This green bamboo ritual was once a very popular method for the Malaysian gamblers in the 70’s to ask for lucky numbers from langsuir spirit. But more often than not, the consequence of performing this ritual is death. Just about a month ago, I was approached by the family members of a victim of langsuir who is now RIP six feet under the ground. The family was from Bukit Mertajam.

This is their story:

“They were four friends went to the new tomb of a pregnant woman in the middle of a night to perform this bamboo ritual. In the midst of the ritual, they heard some strange noises came out from the tomb… As they were not prepared for such an ordeal and had no prior knowledge in occult, the first reaction was to scramble a way as fast as they can.

Bad events happened to the four friends few days following the ritual and they knew that they had offended the langsuir spirit. So they drove to Southern Thailand to seek help from a Buddhist temple. But sadly, during their returning journey; they met with a car accident. Three died on the spot, one comma in the hospital. That was the reason we came to seek your help…”

I declined to help as I was then quite reluctant to help the poor guy. Because doing so would bring very bad karma to me and a direct confrontation with langsuir. So the family went to another Taoist temple that was willing to take their case. Nevertheless, that victim died a week later.

This incident serves as a grim reminder for those who wanted to try this bamboo ritual. Please be reminded that there is no effective and lasting direct magic ritual to confront this langsuir spirit. This is not that there are no more powerful rituals available, but any attempt to interfere with langsuir’s revenge will bring very bad karmic consequence … Let me put this in a simple way: “You don’t want to marry this langsuir in your next life and tortured by her for the rest of your life J!”

Below is the ritual proper:

1.      Choose a new grave of a woman died in labor. The grave must be within 40 days to be effective.

2.      First get 5 pieces of green bamboo, a piece of fish net, some blood from a black dog, a piece of red string, some incense and food offering.

3.      Go to the grave at mid night.

4.      Once you are there, set up the boundary at four corners of the grave with four pieces of green bamboo and the piece of red string.

5.      Strike the 5th bamboo in the center of the tomb until it reaches the coffin of the woman. Then, pour the dog blood into the bamboo to force the langsuir out to fulfill your request.

6.      Once you have done so, quickly go to the front of the tomb stone and cover yourself with the fish net.

7.      Call out the name of the dead and wait.

8.      The spirit will appear and give you a lucky number. It may or may not request for your favor. If it does, you must comply.

9.      Do not panic and run away at this time or you will surely be harmed by langsuir.

10.  Wait until the langsuir has agreed with all the terms and conditions and leave the site before you take off the fish net.

11.  You must perform whatever you have promised to the spirit or you will see no ends to your troubles.

This ritual is a very cruel method for asking fortune to langsuir and is said to cause the spirit to suffer greatly. The spirit would not be able to free itself from the agony of being tortured by the blood stain until someone is willing to clean the blood stain off its body. Hence, the revenge of the langsuir is very terrible. Lives were lost. Think twice before you act.

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