Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spirit Of The Coin (靈魂錢)

The game of “spirit of the coin” is similar to the Ouija board. This is basically a spirit communication technique although some people attribute it as the play of our sub-conscious mind. This was once upon a time my favourite pass time with friends after our school final examinations. I do not know how many people still fancy such an activity now a day.

Below is some information as I can still remember:

1.      You will need three participants, although sometimes two or even one is also possible. However, avoid playing this game alone as you may easily attract some evil earthbound spirits that are quite difficult to be exorcised. The most difficult part is, you must realise that there is a spirit with you and then seek proper help.

2.      You will also need a board or a piece of paper with alphabets or characters writing on it.

3.      If you are brave enough then play the game in an abandon house, murder scene, known haunted house, cemetery etc.

4.      Try to be in black clothing if you want to get a quicker respond.

5.      Light 4 candles and place one at each of the four corners, you will notice that the candle lights will veer towards the centre of the board.

6.      Poke your ring finger and smear some blood on the coin, you will surely see a very different respond.

7.      Over turn the paper or board in the middle of the game if you dare for another kind of sensation. But seriously, don’t do it when you are not in a “controlled environment”.

8.      Do not panic and run during your game when you hear some noises, smell fragrance, or see any apparitions. Calmly request the spirit to return to the resting position and only then you may leave the place.

9.      If the coin flew off the paper or one of the players possessed or fainted; leave the scene and seek help as soon as possible.

10.  If you are performing this game outdoor, please check your belongings before you leave the place, at times you may find your stuffs missing, or some ‘extra’ stuff tug into your bag. You must throw this extra thing into the nearest river before returning home.

For the brave, happy trying!

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