Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Benefits Of A Tiger ... Or Parts

A tiger is now an endangered animal species around the world. Trading of tiger parts are illegal; but people who believe in the potency of tiger powers will try all means to get tiger parts in black market.

Below are just some of the traditional uses of tiger body parts:

1.      The fangs of a tiger are used as a symbolic means “to hold” or “to get”. In today’s business sense, tiger fangs are used to enhance authority or influencing power.

2.      The tiger skin symbolizes “clothing” or charismatic influence. In Malaysian, Thai and Indonesian occult circles, keeping tiger skin also means keeping “the knowledge of tiger”.

3.       The tiger claw means the ability to search or catch. In today’s sense, the ability to grasp business opportunity.

4.      Whiskers of a tiger are used as a means to increase a person’s sixth senses. To an occult practitioner, the whiskers of a tiger can act as if “psychic antenna” and hence able to sharpen the person’s ability to perceive the supernatural.

5.      Eyes on a tiger is said to have hypnotic power.

6.      The brows of a tiger will command authority.

7.      A piece of tiger bone between its chest and neck is believed to confer the strength of the tiger.

8.      The penis of a tiger is said to increase a man’s sexual power.

9.      Tiger bones are good as medicine for curing bone fractures.

10.  The meat of a tiger is good to cure stomach disorder, increase the strength of our bones and tendons.

So … what is left of a tiger now???

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