Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sperm Of Elephant: Mani Gajah

The story begins something like this:

In the Tropical deep forest, there is always an incredibly handsome elephant, although it was greatly feared and followed by many other elephants, but it likes to be alone. Tribal children usually called it by the name “The Elephant”. This is the King of Elephants, like The Mammouth of the Himalayas.

If it walks through the jungle, even the King of Woods (Tiger) will soon go far away, do not want to run into with the sole elephant. And during full moon, the lust of the elephant peaks. He began putting out ferocity, swinging to and fro in his way no matter what.

At this time, a group of elephants would immediately form a circle, with female elephants in the ring. And the Elephant enters the ring to choose any females it preferred. With this the elephant has performed the sacred ceremony marriage ... Some people who has peeped from a distance and had expressed his surprise, according to him a female elephant took a supine position, he said, “they copulate like human beings.”

After the Elephants’ mating, usually it would examine the remnants of its sperm that fell to the ground, and any remaining sperm will be buried immediately. After the Elephant is sure and then go along with his entourage. As for the people who had been peeking, he will immediately make a mark on the place where the elephant has buried its semen. As soon as he has done so he will immediately run away and go back to his village. It is said that the Elephant may suddenly return to the place, if it sees a man, then the person will be pursued relentlessly until he is stampeded to dead.

Those who managed to dig up the buried elephant semen at a later date will usually find the elephant semen to have transformed into soft crystallized. The longer the time, the elephant’s semen will be hardened to stone. It is this particular herb will then be processed into Minyak Gajah Mani or “love oil of elephant’s sperm”…

Believe it?

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