Monday, June 25, 2012

A Ritual To See Kid Spirits

If you believe that you have collected some real Kumantong, Toyol or any kid spirits of the like, or your 3rd eye is still not yet open; then you can try out the below ritual. Please do not try this ritual if you have a weak heart, or if you are afraid of the spirits.


1.      Do this when you are alone and at night.

2.      Take off your shirt, wear only pants; or as brief as possible.

3.      Fill a bucket with tap water.

4.      Get yourself a new candle.

5.      Choose a quiet corner, or in front of your Kumantong altar.

6.      Squat in front of the bucket.

7.      Light the candle, hold it.

8.      Close your eyes and count 13 seconds slowly.

9.      Open your eyes and say gently, “come back, we will not disturb you.”

10.  Gradually you will see some kid’s reflections on the surface of the water.

11.  You can now proceed to communicate with it or them.

12.  This method is meant for seeing kids’ spirits only; not the adult spirit.

Good luck trying.


  1. Helo Liewsp1:
    Then if we see the little or kid spirits,what help can they offer or what is the benefits we can gain from them?
    Lastly,how do we bid them "GOOD BYE" if we are thru with them?

    1. Hi Ayinla4sure1:
      By right u shouldn't see any kid spirits if u don't worship any ... Unless there are histories of fatalities in the vicinity. They can help you in your daily tasks. Having said so, do not do this as seriously this is only a good if you're really bored and got the time.
      Just bid them "GOOD BYE" will do.

  2. Are we able to see our KMT with this method ?

    1. Yes. By right we should be able to see them. Best still if they have appeared in your dreams.

  3. I bought a KMT before from a thai guy in Thailand through eBay. I have been trying to contact him through my dream or speak to him directly but it doesn't work out. Please tell me what I can do to contact him directly.