Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Maid’s Secret Weapon

By far this is the most disgusting love magic I have come across. At least I think. I got this method from a friend’s domestic helper caught on tape by her extremely unhappy employer… I am not going to mention the origin of such practices as do not want to create problems; but I think you already taken an intelligent guess. This is a very primitive love magic using menstruation blood as the primary material.

The application is very simple; just collect some of the menstruation blood and let the target consume. This is female exclusive magic, can be employed to make the people you desire under her control. There is no need for any incantation as jinn and spirits who like filthy stuffs will come naturally.

This menstruation blood is normally mixed in beverages such as coffee or chocolate or other drinks with thick smell to cover the stingy smell of the menstruation blood. So take a second breath on every cup of coffee that is served to you … Ha ha ha..

It is said that the remedy for treating victim of such love magic is … well, equally disgusting I guess. Just get some urine from the victim’s mother and consume a little.

It is certainly over my dead body if you ask me to try it frankly speaking … J.

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