Saturday, June 30, 2012

Conjuration of Jailangkung Spirit

This is the Malaysian form of automatic writing. It is normally done as a game for passing time at night. Many versions available, some requires the recitation of Surat Yaasin and the making of Jailangkung puppet is also different. Incidentally, the Chinese also has an almost similar ritual.

The method:

Make jalangkung body with wood or bamboo. First make a cross and use a coconut shell as its head. And a basketball is used as its feet (for holding). This assembly then is given a set of clothing (Best to use the clothing of the deceased). Draw a simple human face with eyes, nose and mouth. Insert a chalk or a pencil for writing. Prepare some papers for questioning and answering session.

Also get some benzoic incense, candles, tobacco, coffee and food offerings. Then prepare a piece of writing board. You would to have 3 players: two persons holding the puppet and one person perform mantra recitation and perform questioning.

When everything is ready, recite below mantra repeatedly while fumigate the puppet with the incense smoke and then wait for a few minutes. If the puppet becomes heavy and there is a sense of vibration, that is an indication that a spirit has entered.

Now questioning and answering session can begin. The puppet will move to the answering board to scribble down its answers to your questions automatically. This ritual is best to perform in the dark. When the session ends, gently request the spirit to return to its original dwelling place. This will put your magic training into practice and also your responsibility to ensure the spirit has left.

Mantra to conjure Jailangkung:

“Jailangkung, Jailangkung datanglah

disini ada pesta

pestanya meriah

datang diundang

pulang tak diantar”

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  1. Great! It was actually about this ritual I asked in the other comment. I find this ritual very interesting. Thanks.