Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Etiquette Of Visiting Graves (種人園)

You might wonder what the hell this person is talking about; the grave is just a place for the dead to rest. Some people jokingly call the graveyard as “human plantation” (種人園). Well for the most of us, the graveyard is indeed a resting place for the dead body and a roaming place for the unsettled spirits. Bearing this in mind, there are some etiquettes to follow during grave visits:


Please don’t say pity if the person died young


This is an old story happened few years ago in Taiping. A young man known by the name Ah Ming visited a graveyard in Pokok Assam together with his parents during Ching Ming period. As Ah Ming’s parents presented their offerings on the grandpa’s grave; Ah Ming wandered about in the vicinity to do grave hopping due to boredom.


Just next to grandpa’s grave, it is the grave of a pretty young lady with her photo attached to the tomb stone. Ah Ming pondered in front of the lady’s grave and said, “She was so pretty; pity she die young. Otherwise I want to marry her.”


After wandering off for a while, Ah Ming was called to light some incense to pay respect to his late grandpa. Soon it was time for Ah Ming and family to return home. Strange things happened about 3 days later…


Ah Ming started to fall into long sleep; i.e. from 3 to 7 days and according to Ah Ming’s mother, this condition persisted for around 5 years. It was said that Ah Ming had wet dreams almost every day during the period. As recalled by Ah Ming, a girl resembling the one on the grave came to him and slept with him and wanted to be his wife. He tried to resist but failed as the lady spirit seemed to have upper hands most of the time.


When I saw Ah Ming, he was very thin and pale. His temple area frowned and he could hardly open his eyes. These are the very signs that one has overly indulged on masturbation or wet dreams.


I figured that Ah Ming’s condition wasn’t very serious, so I performed an exorcism and send the lady spirit away.


Please don’t pass motion anywhere you think convenient


A young man, Mr. A complaint about being disturbed by a ghost for a month or so, he was not himself and felt drowsy. His limbs shook uncontrollably and felt asleep after he felt tired. He couldn’t work so his boss asked him to take a long sick leave.


Mr. A’s parent went to consult a doctor but was told that the man wasn’t sick and they went to consult a medium and were told that Mr. A has urinated onto a lady’s tombstone. Whatever the answers they received, the young man continued to be in semi-comma state, according to him; there were many people yelling and cursing non-stop near his ears. Mr. A also has many wet dreams with uncounted female spirits. Though he knew the ghosts are coming to get him, Mr. A couldn’t resist nor has the energy to resist.

After listening to Mr. A’s story, I negotiated with the spirits and they promised to leave Mr. A alone if Mr. A would give them some food offerings and burn some joss papers for them as compensation.


I know; I hear you might say: “Go away, Satan!” to the spirits.


Personally, I have not tried it yet as I believe in a win-win strategy.

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