Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Pair Of White Socks (一双白袜)

Cindy works as a freelance fashion designer and she travels frequently on assignment. Once she got a contract with a fashion house in Macau and she had to travel quite frequently between Singapore and Macau. So, the fashion house rented a service apartment for Cindy to stay there while she had to come to Macau.

One day when Cindy returned to her service apartment in Macau, she found a pair of white socks in her bed. Cindy didn’t know who owned the socks but she was quite sure that those socks were not hers for sure. Perhaps the cleaning lady has left them inadvertently. So Cindy picked up the socks and threw them into the dustbin and forgot about them.

The next day after returning from work, Cindy found the pair of white socks in her bed again. Again, Cindy thought the cleaning lady has picked them out from the dustbin and put them in her bed. So, Cindy paid no particular attention to the white socks as she sat in her bed working on her laptop computer. She just had to finalise a few sets of new designer clothing for some potential buyers from China.

As with other ladies, Cindy had the habit of chewing titbits in her bed while working. So, she kept quite a stock of titbits of different kinds to satisfy her taste buds.  As Cindy was reviewing her designs, she started to chew up pack of titbits after pack until her bed was filled with debris of various titbits. After she was satisfied with her designer clothing and her titbits, Cindy was looking for some cloth to sweep the titbit debris off her bed and those pair of white socks suddenly became very handy.

So said, as a matter of convenience; Cindy took up the socks and started to sweep the debris and then disposed of the socks into her dustbin. Feeling satisfied, Cindy closed her laptop and jumped into her bed and sleep.

Somewhere around 3am, Cindy woke up at night by the splashing sound of water in her bathroom. It was as if someone was taking a shower. Feeling odd, Cindy went to the bathroom and found the shower sprinkler was turned on but there was no one there. She immediately turned off the sprinkler and returned to her bed. After a few minutes, there was a knocking on Cindy’s door. Cindy jumped out from her bed and when she opened the door, she found no one there! Feeling a little creepy now, Cindy returned to her bed and vowed not to get out from her bed again for the night.

Just as Cindy was about to pull her blanket over her bed, she pulled out a pair of white socks instead. Feeling extremely frightened now, Cindy grabbed the white socks and threw them into the dustbin again. As soon as the pair of white socks fell into the dustbin, they immediately rose up as if being lifted by some invisible force. The socks then moved in the air until they were above Cindy’s face. At the same time, a disembodied voice was heard: “And, what do think you are doing with my socks?”

At this point, Cindy wasn’t too sure if she was too frightened that caused her body to be frozen solid, or she was held by some invisible force that prevented she from moving. As Cindy was about to pass out, the figure of a young lady wearing the pair of white socks appeared before her. Then the phantom lady uttered: “catwalk.”

Since Cindy was an experience fashion designer, she immediately understood the ghostly lady’s intention: perhaps the lady in white socks wanted to be on catwalk. So, Cindy said to the ghostly lady: “I will put your socks on catwalk during my fashion show if you just leave me alone!”

Almost as soon as Cindy said those words, the ghostly lady disappeared and in turn; the pair of white socks fell in front of Cindy’s face.

Cindy told me that she wanted to help the phantom lady to satisfy her wish to perform catwalk more than the fear of ghost itself somehow. So, Cindy asked a model to put on the pair of white socks and walk the catwalk. Since then, the phantom lady didn’t appear anymore and surprisingly, the combination of Cindy’s new white shirt red skirt cum white socks fashion became the best seller of the year.

No one knows who the phantom lady was but she was probably one of the best phantom fashion designers out there for sure!

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