Saturday, December 10, 2016

Eastern Folks Meet Western Ghosts (东方人西方鬼)

Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city and it is believed to be quite haunted too as a Chinese lady painter and her hubby found out the hard way.

Mary is a lady painter migrated to Philadelphia with her hubby and bought a double story house there but now choose to settle in Canada instead. Mary told me her story when she happened to drop by the Buddhist activity centre in Georgetown during one of her arts exhibition held in the city.

A few weeks after Mary and her family moved into her new house in Philadelphia, she started to hear strange footstep sounds pacing on corridor upstairs at night and especially when she was alone. She could somehow tell from the footstep sound that the person must be of some weight in case you had to ask that if those footsteps by any chances might be produced by one of her family members.

One night when Mary was left alone in the house, after taking a bath; she walked out of her bathroom naked and she suddenly caught a glimpse of a naked white male walking back and forth on the corridor. The white male, as recalled by Mary later was somehow translucent but with clearly defined outline and quite materialised too.

Panicked, Mary quickly retracted back into the bathroom and locked herself in. She just couldn’t put 1+1 together as why was that a weird looking naked white male suddenly appeared in her thought to be empty house. So, Mary squatted herself in a corner of the bathroom very quietly and she dared not even took a large breath of air then. It was only after she heard the sound of someone was opening the front door accompanied with her hubby’s calling: “Honey, I’m home” that she quickly put on her clothing and rushed out to her hubby.

Though May didn’t tell her hubby and kids of the apparition she saw as she didn’t want to caused them to be alarmed. After all, it might just be her own vivid painter’s imagination behind the work. But her hubby John was soon found out the hard way too…

A week later, Mary was scheduled to have an art exhibition tour in Taiwan. So, off she went leaving John and the kids behind.

One night, John returned from his work quite late and the kids already fast asleep in bed. As he walked towards his master bedroom, he heard some intimate voices came from the bedroom. Feeling strange and curious, he paused in front of the bedroom door and attached his ear to the door to listen carefully. Yes indeed, it was the sound of people making love alright.

Felling insulted and angered as he thought Mary was having an affair, he immediately kicked opened the door and… there he saw in the bed, a white male was making love with another white lady whom John has not known of. At this point, the white male turned his face and looked at John and then he seemed to veer his eyes as if hinting John to ‘enjoy together’.

John was panicked but before he could put 1+1 together too, a tiny voice came from his back: “Dad, what are you doing?”

Apparently, the commotion of kicking the room door has awakened one of the kids. John turned his head to console the kid. But as soon as he looked at the bed again, there was nothing there!

From there on until Mary returned, John dared not sleep in the bedroom alone. According to John, he continued to hear the voice of people making love while he was sleeping in the living room. At times, there would be an eerie voice calling: “Come on man, let’s enjoy together!”

Of course, John dared not answer the call…

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  1. This is very typical. Entities participate in our daily activities like or and intercourse, etc all the time. Majority of us cannot see them and unaware as we go about our lives. But very rarely some can see or sense them. Some people are gifted from birth, others trained, some have been touched by these entities or magic which leaves them sensitive and familiar with their dimension.

    I have been always interested in the paranormal world. If you have any spiritual issues perhaps Brother Rahman can help you. I personally know around 6 different families he helped.