Thursday, December 1, 2016

Deceased Made Known (死者示警)

Do you believe that even dead people can give the livings some tell-tale signs as where to find their bodies so that they can be treated properly and with dignity? I am not trying to lead you into a twilight zone or something like that, such news is not unheard of in local mass medias. Folks in law reinforcement or emergency services will have some sort of stories to tell.

My friend John is a retired HK police officer and he told me many similar stories some time ago but I can only barely remember three of them. It is actually very difficult to record down stories told by my friends over a tea conversation. So, I will do my best:

In the mid 90’s, a tenant in a flat in Mong Kok (旺角) lodged a police report suspecting the tenant upstairs might be facing with some life threatening problem. So, John and a colleague was dispatched to the flat to investigate. The old lady known as Aunt Wong told John that she saw bloodlike liquid substance seeped through her ceiling and formed a bloody patch. She went upstairs and knocked on the door but there was no answer. Instead, she could smell very strong foul smell similar to those of dead animal. Hence as a good citizen, Aunt Wong alerted the police.

After hearing Aunt Wong’s story, John and company went to the flat unit to investigate. As there was no one answering the door, both of the police officers forced into the flat and found a man hung himself at the ceiling fan. And, there was a pool of black liquid suspected of dried blood below the dead man. Coincidentally speaking, the spot of black liquid was the exact spot where Aunt Wong found the strange mark on her ceiling.

This incident is pretty hard to explain scientifically because the floor between two floors are made of concrete. By no means that a small pool of liquid can penetrate through the solid concrete slab. Other than spiritual reasons, there is no way to explain such an incident.

Towards the end of 90’s, a mentally retarded lad was reported missing in Tsim Sha Tsui area (尖沙咀). So, policemen on petrol were alerted to look out for the described lad. It was a coincident that John and Lee were patrolling the area. Lee suddenly told John he got a sudden urge to look into an abandoned building at the corner of the street as he thought he heard a voice telling him to go to the rooftop.

As soon as both of the cops reached rooftop, there they both saw the body of a lad hung by a cooling tower. Very interestingly speaking, the face of the dead lad was looking at the cops as if saying: “I am waiting for you guys…”

Another notorious murder case also happened somewhere towards the end of 90’s in Tsim Sha Tsui. This was the case of Hello Kitty murder where the head of a woman was found tugged in Hello Kitty doll in a now demolished flat. One of the suspects told police officers that she couldn’t bear with the disturbances from the murdered victim, and as her last resort; she came to the police to surrender herself.

So, you can see that even the dead can make themselves known of their whereabouts. Maybe it is true that crime doesn’t pay, or it is merely a coincidence. What say you?

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