Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hunters Hunted (捉鬼被鬼捉)

This is an interesting story happened to me when I was working in Ipoh Light Industrial Estate.

One night after our overtime work, my buddies and I went to a local hawker stall for a cup of hot tea. While we were happily drinking the ‘teh tarik’ (pull milk tea), suddenly we saw Muthu walked past us. Muthu was our store keeper and he was known to be a boastful person. Once he touted himself as not afraid of ghosts in front of those female operators and we accidentally overheard his boastful remark then.

So, in the midst of the night that we had caught Muthu passing us; we certainly didn’t want to miss our opportunity to make fun of Muthu. At least we would like to see him pee down his pants for that night. Call us good for nothing, but that’s how good buddies are; at least to spice up out conversations when we returned to the factory. And also to make fun of Muthu in front of his lover, Cindy. After we had an exchange of eye sights and some whispers, Ali called out: “Hey Muthu, come and join us for the tea session. We have something to discuss with you!”

Muthu seemed to have nodded at a far and he walked towards us. Soon, Muthu was beside our table and we invited him to be seated.

Ali continued: “We heard you are very brave. So, are you willing to accept our challenge to go inside the house of a deceased bomoh (shaman) just off Kuala Kangsar Road and spend one hour there?”

Muthu looked at Ali, without any facial expressions but he appeared to have nodded his head as agreed to take up our challenge.

Having accepted our challenge, we led Muthu to the said almost ruined wooden house and saw him entered into the house alone while the whole gang waited outside at a distance.

Soon an hour passed and there was not a single sound came out from the house. I got a little agitated and afraid of Muthu’s wellbeing. No one wanted to see a friend got into trouble for sure, so I yelled at the house: “Muthu! A…r...e y…o…u o...k?”

There was no answer from the house. We looked amongst each other and before I took a second yell, suddenly a horrific voice came out from the house “Yeeak!!”

We thought Muthu was perhaps in trouble or something like that and all of us rushed towards the house. As we approached the front of the house and Ali kicked opened the wooden door, to our horror; Muthu was not in the house! He seemed to have vanished into thin air!

We then searched inside and out of the house, Muthu was still nowhere to be found. And suddenly, Saiful who was outside of the house pointed his finger towards the roof and shouted: “Muthu! What the hell are you up there on the roof?”

Hearing Saiful’s words, we rushed out and saw the figure of Muthu on the roof but before anyone could utter a second word; he jumped down from the roof into a bush just beside the house. We were all terrified and went for a frantic man hunt in and out of the bush but found no one there.

Feeling almost despair, I picked up my handy and called Muthu in the hope that it was Muthu that was playing planks on us. After the phone rang for a while and someone answered the phone. “Hello, Liew! What’s up? It is midnight now! Didn’t I tell you that your item is in storage compartment A?”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. So, I asked again: “Where are you?”

Muthu said: “In my house sleeping with my wife of course!”

After Muthu said the words, he hung up the phone.

We looked at each other and stayed there dumbfounded for quite a while, and finally Ali gave us all an eye sight hinting: “Let’s get the hell out from there!”

None of us talked about the incident and certainly not in front of Muthu for no one would believe that it was in fact the hunters being hunted by the ghost!

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