Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Book Of Three Lives (三世书)

The ‘Book of Three Lives’ is a type of Chinese folk fortune telling method which can analyse a person’s past, present and future life. Proponents believe the 3-Lives can accurately pinpointed out a person’s present life problems through diagrams, but since the 3-Lives method lacks some more solid theoretical background; it is not accepted as part of mainstream fortune telling methods by Chinese scholars. Hence the 3-Lives is only preserved amongst working classes rather than scholars of upper class.

A few years ago, A Hong Kong actress’s boyfriend was diagnosed with advance stage of lung cancer and the doctor has expressed that it would take a miracle for the man to recover fully at that time. Without first notifying her boyfriend, the actress whom was known as Alice first went to consult an old gentleman known as Mr. Chao (曹先生) said of very proficient in performing life continuity ritual (续命) ritual.

The old Mr. Chao started to write up a letter which would then be forwarded to the heaven for life continuity purpose. Strange things happened to Mr. Chao as the normally routine letter write up had proved to be very difficult to complete. So, Mr. Chao told Alice that he couldn’t help her to prolong her boyfriend’s life perhaps it was his fate to die young.

After leaving Mr. Chao’s place, Alice wasn’t ready to give up as yet. She then visited the 9th Aunt (九姑) for reading her boyfriend’s 3-Lives. After the 9th Aunt flipped over her Book of three Lives, she adamantly said that there was no hope for Alice’s boyfriend but strangely speaking; her boyfriend was destined to die from falling to death and not from his lung cancer.

The 9th Aunt further showed Alice a picture in the Book of Three Lives that has clearly shown the image of a man pushing a woman down from a red building. The 9th Aunt further explained that in previous life, Alice’s boyfriend had killed his wife by pushing her over a red building causing his wife to fall to her death. So, in this life and due to karmic reactions; Alice’s boyfriend would also fall to his death.

Though both Mr. Chao and the 9th Aunt have predicted that Alice’s boyfriend cannot be saved, Alice was still half-hearted of what was being told to her. Nevertheless, Alice kept her visits to Mr. Chao and 9th Aunt to herself.

Truly enough, A few days later; Alice’s boyfriend went up a car park in Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀) and committed suicide by jumping down from the top floor of the car park. Coincidentally speaking, the car park was painted with red.

Was that a coincidence or was that destined?

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