Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mind Your Language (衰多口II)

It is important for us to mind our languages wherever we might be. If we go to a foreign place and offended people over there, then we might put ourselves in danger. However, if our big mouths angered those unseen friends around; then they may disturb us for a very long time. We can also lose our lives in long run too as these invisible friends aka ghosts may cause fatal accidents or serious illnesses.

The below story happened to Bob who visited a cremation ash memorial pagoda in Penang Air Itam near Kek Lok Si (极乐寺) about two years ago during the Chinese All-Souls’-Day (清明). Bob now lives in JB would normally pay his late father’s ash in the pagoda a visit during every All-Souls’-Day. And that particular year is of no different.

On that morning, Bob bought some food stuffs and proceeded to the pagoda where his father was laid to rest. His father’s ash urn was located on the 9th floor amongst other urns. Unlike other families, Bob’s offering was relatively simple and after he had lit the incenses and candles; he has got nothing else to do but to wait until the incenses are burnt halfway. Only after that he would perform a divination to determine if his old pa has had enough before he proceeded to burn the joss papers.

So said, during the mean time; Bob was free to roam about the pagoda. Just as when Bob’s eye sight lingered about on the photo and name plates of each compartment containing cremation ash urn, he suddenly noticed a not-so-pretty young girl died of quite young age. The location of the deceased young lady was just below Bob’s old pa’s compartment. First of all, Bob wasn’t those who are too careful with the language and 4-letter-words would normally be the normal starting ward for him. And after Bob looked at the dead girl’s photo, he started to comment as usual: “What the f**k! I wouldn’t marry her even she is still around!”

After lingered around and commenting on others for a round, he returned to his old pa’s place and asked if his pa has had enough. And the answer was positive. Bob immediately go down to the ground floor to burn all his paper offerings. That would settle the old pa’s business for that year thought Bob. But soon he learnt how wrong he was…

On that night alone, Bob dreamed of an angry not-so-pretty young lady resembled the one in the photo he had commented on. The lady was furious and yelled at Bob: “What had I done to deserve your insult amongst all my friends? Now I am the laughing stalk in town! I will follow you wherever you go and make your life miserable!”

Once the lady said the words, she started to strangle Bob’s neck. And in a dreamy state, Bob struggled with the lady and as he rolled left and right to loosen the lady’s gripe; he fell from his bed and Bob was awaken by the pain in his buttock as he fell bottom first. The same incident happened the following night and hence a consecutive few more nights. Bob’s night mare made him sleepless at night and finally one day, his new car rammed onto a tree by the road and Bob was hospitalized for two weeks. The lady ghost continued to disturb Bob even he was in the hospital.

The first thing Bob was discharged, he called me and asked for my advice. So I said to him: “Why not you pray to your ancestors for help?”

Perhaps he did follow my suggestion and a few days later, Bob called me again. This time he sounded quite happy. The first thing he said was: “F**k! Mr. Liew, your method worked!”

According to Bob, the night after my prayer to my late pa, the not-so-pretty ghost came to disturb me again. Then, my late pa came to her and said to her: “Young lady, please forgive my son. Please give this old man a face as we are neighbours!”

Strangely speaking, as soon as Bob’s late dad said the words, the lady ghost disappeared and she never returned since.

I asked Bob half-jokingly: “Do you dare to repeat the offence again?”

As usual, his reply was: “F**k! No way Sir!”

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  1. Yes. It is true to mind your language when a person visiting such place. This happened to a relative of my gf. He was an old man at the age of 60 over bliss with few grandchildren. Further, he is a full time devotee of buddha and actively involves in buddhist association and sect with frequent buddha mantra script chanting in a group whenever there is any events or requests.

    In year 2010 chin meng day, it is the day where mostly people will visit their closes deceases in graveyard or crematorium for prayers. This uncle was a bit unusual in this year graveyard visit. Half way prayer in the graveyard of their ancestors, without any reason, this uncle suddenly scolded foul words in front of the grave as well as to those who attended.

    As soon as reach home, this uncle feel discomfort, he went to take a nap. After awoke, he was sick with high fever. Family member brought him to visit Dr. medicines prescribed and consume as usual. After few days, this uncle sick was entirely recovered while another sickness came. He suddenly lost all memories, unable to recognised anyone in the families. He always hide himself in the room refuse to meet people until the family members suspected something was wrong. Due to they are hardcore buddhist believer, they brought the uncle to the buddhist temple to seek monks aid. Upon clarify the whole situation to the monks, they analyzed and finalized this uncle might be encountered with evil spirits durind the visit in graveyard by offended those spirits when scolding foul words. Thus, rituals carry on, chanting, blessing carry on every week and sometimes even everyday where there is no progress of recovery. Because, the families only believe in buddhism, therefore the blessing and cleansing rituals carry on consecutively for few years until year 2014, this uncle slowly conscious and time to time his memories recal back where he can recognized all his family members one by one. To this day, i meet him few times, he looks healthy but a bit senile behaviour. The way he looks at people very weird. Nevertheless, he is indeeds recovered from the sudden memory lost.