Saturday, December 31, 2016

The End Of A Bogus Master (假大师的下场)

A cook, Mark from Sabah felt his job as cook cannot make big money, so he moved to Ipoh with his wife. After some thoughts, Mark decided to become Sifu (Master) Mark as this would enable him to make easy and quick money. In order to become a real master, or at least to pretend to be one; Mark bought many Feng Shui and Taoist ritual books to learn up the trick of the trade. Further, this Brother Mark also collaborate with his wife where Mrs. Mark would become a spirit medium or a ‘tangki’. So this husband and wife gang converted their house into a small shrine in the name to save all lost souls.

One day, a victim known as Mr. Fisher (Mr.水鱼先生) who was in very poor health came to Sifu Mark for help. This Mr. Fisher always thought that he was being cursed and possessed by evil spirits so Sifu Mark tried to wriggle his way through playing along with Fisher’s psychology. Sifu Mark first suggested Fisher’s house Feng Shui was bad and it was full of wandering ghosts. Further, Mr. Fisher’s ancestor spirits has no place to sit and that they were all standing at Fisher’s door step because his house has no altar for the ancestral spirits.

Further to strengthen Sifu Mark’s claim, he asked Mr. Fisher to come to his altar so that he can receive further guidance from his spirit medium wife. In a state of trance, Mrs. Mark said Fisher was possessed by many evil spirits and feeding on his life energy. In order to get rid of those spirits, Mr. Fisher must pay Sifu Mark MYR2,000 plus a ‘ang pow’ (red packet) for exorcism service. Even though Fisher has paid for Sifu Mark’s service, he was never healed until later he consulted a medical doctor; and was told that his sickness was in fact curable by modern medicine.

A few days later, another person; Ah Beng came to Sifu Mark claiming that he was disturbed by an evil entity. As usual, Sifu Mark asked his wife to pretend to be possessed by spirit so that he could squeeze some money from Ah Beng’s wallet. However, things didn’t happen so smoothly this time…

Ah Beng suddenly being possessed by a spirit and his voice changed to a lady’s voice. The spirit claimed it was a banana spirit (香蕉鬼) and Ah Beng has invoked it for sex and 4D numbers by smearing his own blood onto a banana tree in a plantation nearby. At this point, Sifu Mark and wife knew that this is a case if they do, they will die; if they don’t, they also die. So die-die the husband and wife tried all available methods to cast out this banana spirit. They chanted mantras but that didn’t work and the banana spirit shrieked furiously. Then the couple remembered the old method of using a pair of bamboo chopsticks to clamp down Ah Beng’s middle fingers and thank God the trick worked!

Unwillingly, the banana spirit wailed that it would return to haunt Sifu Mark and family until the last person down (家破人亡).

Three months later, Sifu Mark suddenly suffered from stroke and he couldn’t move his body totally. Hi wife looked after him for nine months before he kicked the bucket. Then six months later, their only son suddenly became insane and at time he would claim that he was the reincarnation of Guanyin, and at times; he became the banana spirit that vowed to seek revenge. However, most of the time this son only talk nonsense until finally Sifu Mark’s only son ended up in the mental asylum in Tanjung Rambutan.

Later, Mrs. Mark told people that the curse of the banana spirit did come true and now she was the only survivor. Maybe the series of mishaps were just coincidences, or it was indeed the revenge of the banana spirit? Whatever case that might be, I supposed if Sifu Mark was really a learner; then he would not suffer of such consequence. I have dealt with many banana spirits and am living to tell the stories. So, rest assure that if you are from a proper lineage; then you would be pretty safe.

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