Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Messengers Of Death (勾魂使者)

Do you believe in the existence of messengers of death?

Legend has it that when a person dies, messengers of deaths would be sent to fetch the dead soul to the other side. Anyone who missed to be delivered by these messengers of death would remain in this world as wondering spirits for a very long time. The Taoists and Buddhists believe that messengers of death are actually a horse head and a cow head creatures sent by the Lord of Death. Most of the time these messengers perform their jobs spot on, however they too would make mistakes. What happened when they made a mistake? If you are interested, then read on.

Steve has a near death experience when he was about 12 years old.

As told by Steve, about 30 years ago; he was about 12 years old. One morning, he was playing with his brother in front of their shop and suddenly a taxi lost control and rammed into Steve. His body flew into the air and then landed onto the windscreen of the taxi and seriously shattered it and the taxi bonnet. Young Steve was immediately rushed to the local hospital and that was later told by his dad.

Right after the deadly impact, Steve said that all of a sudden; he found the once crowded street he played on suddenly became empty. Steve felt he was all alone wandering onto the middle of the road. After lingered for a while, Steve saw bright white light in front of him; and two men-in-black were blocking the entrance to the light opening. Steve was somehow being attracted to the two men and as he walked, those men-in-black started to murmured with each other in a language that Steve never heard before.

When Steve got near enough, one of the men-in-black suddenly shook his head and prevented Steve from proceeding. He then pushed Steve violently backwards until he fell head down. Just as when Steve was trying to balance himself from falling back, he heard someone said: “Don’t worry, your son will be alright!”

So said, Steve opened his eyes and there he saw his father and mother stood by his sickbed. Steve was discharged on the same day.

When Steve was recuperating in his father’s shop, he heard from his neighbour who also operated a sundry shop that another kid nearby also being rammed by a car lost control. But sad to say, this kid was not so lucky as Steve. He died on the spot.

Steve brought his story some 30 years later hoping to solve his doubt. I could only have guessed that maybe even the messengers of death did a mistake at first by taking the life of Steve. But after they have noticed their mistake, Steve was allowed to go home. It just wasn’t Steve’s time yet. Perhaps the boy who died on the same time and on the same spot was the one that was wanted by the messengers of death. Of course, I advised Steve to be prepare for the forthcoming of those men-in-black as they would never make mistakes twice!

I am grateful to Steve to furnish me with his true experience because from his narration, we know what is the condition of our intermediate state; and so that we can be prepared.

There is a saying that goes: “Only death and tax are certain!”

So, be ready for the death. But first, remember to pay your tax as well…

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