Monday, December 19, 2016

Problem With Love Magic (爱情降的问题)

Casting love magic to attract the one you love might not be a good idea after all for the one you love now may become your pain in the ass in future. When your love became sour, then; the person you have loved for so long will become your worst nightmare. Worst of all; if at this time you finally found your true love or soul mate. And, there is no way to get rid of your husband/wife amicably.

A TV host once told me a story of a famous movie star, Cynthia whose beautiful face was destroyed by acid splashed by her jilted husband before she wanted to divorce him to marry another rich businessman, Kenny.

Cynthia was just emerging from Hong Kong entertainment industry about 20 years ago. This rising star subsequently met Johnny who was also another actor within the same company. Johnny was quite popular at that time and of course, he just treated Cynthia as just any other fans and didn’t take Cynthia very seriously.

So said, Cynthia was an ambitious lady, she will by hook or by crook to get what she wanted. In this case, Cynthia tried to get close to Johnny by whatever possible means but because Johnny was then surrounded by pretty lady fans at that time; Cynthia has failed to win Johnny’s heart. Since Cynthia was not a lady who could take ‘no’ for an answer, she resorted to love magic in the hope to win over Johnny’s heart.

One day, Cynthia went to a famous lady medium and asked for her help. The medium asked Cynthia to get a piece of her own hair and the Johnny’s hair. After that, Cynthia must tie a knot with their hairs and then; the bounded hairs must be placed in the middle of a leaf of a sensitive plant (含羞草). Cynthia was instructed to cut the leaf once it shuts and then bind the leaf and hairs with a piece of red string. These ingredients must be brought to the lady medium for casting love ritual.

Cynthia followed the medium’s advice and handled what the medium wanted. As expected, A week or so after the casting of love ritual; Johnny suddenly had a crash with Cynthia. And, to everyone’s surprised the couple married within three months. The couple lived happily ever after… But, Cynthia’s happiness didn’t last for very long…

One year later, while Cynthia was attending a movie promotional ceremony, she met Kenny who was a businessman from a very rich family. At this point, Cynthia immediately recognized Kenny as her true soul mate; and she subsequently having an affair with Kenny. Being a person of rich and famous, Kenny cannot tolerate an affair. So he gave Cynthia an option: to go with him or to return to Johnny. But before Cynthia can live with Kenny, she must first divorce Johnny first.

However, Johnny was not ready to divorce Cynthia perhaps the love spell still worked or he really loved his wife now. Cynthia returned to the lady medium but the medium has passed away. Other sorcerers also failed to make Johnny part with Cynthia. As a last means, Cynthia filed a single sided divorce case with the court but while waited for the case hearing; Johnny splashed sulfuric acid onto Cynthia’s face and critically injured Cynthia. This attack not only destroyed Cynthia’s acting career, but also her relationship with Kenny.

Personally, I have consulted many ladies or gentlemen with the same situation as Cynthia. In many cases, the astrology chart of these folks showed that they were not about to marry yet. But, almost all of them were married with partners not related to them somehow. No wonder these people keep complaining of their spouses. This is a very interesting finding indeed.

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