Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Dummy Head (人偶头)

A makeup artist, Lina had an awfully weird experience while working on her female manikin head a few years ago. The story happened when Lina got an appointment to do make up for an actress. At first, Lina thought of trying the make up on her dummy manikin head before the actual make up session. She didn’t want anything to go wrong as the actress is an important customer.

Strange thing started to happen during Lina’s trial makeup on her dummy head. After a while trying various techniques, Lina suddenly felt that the dummy head wrinkled at her and she start hearing someone was singing old songs beside her ears. Then Linda heard a rude voice said: “Stop making fun of my face!” She could have sworn that it was her dummy head that had sung and uttered those words because there were only the dummy and herself in her room. Feeling scared, Linda tugged the dummy head back into the storage box.

Lina soon forgot about her dummy head as she had to attend to her appointment on another side of the town. The makeup session with the actress was over within an hour and Lina started to drive home at around 8:30pm. While Lina’s car came to a bridge, she suddenly felt dizzy and fainted. Her car lost control and swayed towards roadside and rammed into a tree beside the bridge. Lina’s car was damaged with the bumper fallen off. She woke up by herself a moment later and subsequently managed to restart her car engine and return home.

According to Lina, before she fainted, she saw the face of her dummy head appeared before her and squeezed its face against her face until she couldn’t breath and passed out. After she returned home, Lina immediately took out the dummy head and threw it in a rubbish bin and burnt the dummy head. Maybe that was a bad choice to get rid of the dummy head in that way…

After she had gotten rid of the dummy head, Linda took a bath and just as when she looked into the mirror in the bathroom; the half burnt face of the dummy head appeared in the reflection of the mirror smiling evilly at her. Linda immediately took a towel and covered the mirror while ran to her bedroom to call her friend who was a spirit medium.

Her friend, Sally came with her lady assistant Kate an hour later. On entering Linda’s house, Sally immediately possessed by Guanyim’ma (观音妈). The Guanyim’ma sang and danced for a while and she pointed her finger behind Linda and said: “You flying head ghost leaves this place at once or I will whip you with my willow twig!”

As soon as Guanyim’ma uttered the words, Kate suddenly possessed and said: “I am not afraid of you Guanyim’ma! My flying head will fly and bit your neck and suck you dry…”

So, the said Guanyim’ma and the flying head ghost engaged in a spiritual and physical sparing. While Sally and Kate were entangled together, Lina sat down helplessly and she thought of calling me: “Mr. Liew, I have a situation here. Guanyim’ma and the flying head ghost are killing each other; can you come to help?”

Because Lina’s panicked voice coupled with the background noises, I sensed something was not quite right. So, I immediately drove to Lina’s place thought it was already 2am.

Half an hour later, I arrived and as I stepped into Lina’s front door, the Guanyim’ma suddenly shouted at me: “Oh, Laughing Buddha did you come to help me? Quickly, put your hemp sack over the flying head ghost now!”

I didn’t know when I suddenly became the ‘Laughing Buddha’, but I knew that I should separate the entangled ladies. So, I pulled Kate away from Sally. At this point, Sally immediately made a hand gesture on Kate’s nape; and Kate fell onto the ground and fainted.

Guanyim’ma laughed in a victorious voice and she turned towards Lina and said: “Ha! Ha! Ha! The flying head ghost is finally apprehended! Lina, you had offended a very powerful witch who is an expert in flying head magic. This witch wanted your life because you didn’t keep your promise to do makeup for her before her wedding!”

After Guanyim’ma mentioned the words, she too fainted onto the floor. Lina and I quickly sprinkle some cold water onto Sally and Kate’s faces to wake them up.

We asked Lina as whom she thought the evil witch with flying head magic was; Lina couldn’t remember. Maybe the flying head ghost had gotten the wrong guy after all…

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