Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Party Animals (派对动物)

It is very important that we must pay particular attention when we purchase or rented a second hand house specifically speaking for if we get a haunted house, then not only we have bear with the ‘contents’ of the house; we might lose a large sum of money if we must resale the premise or break the contract. There is a way to know if a house comes with surprises is that for the first time before you step into the house, then just step your left foot in when you are at the brim of the main door with your right foot outside of the door. Now, close your eyes and feel the atmosphere around the house. If you feel the house is filled with people as if having a party, then beware.

Johnny from Taiwan moved to Philadelphia around 1997 and he happened to stay in a famous local haunted double story building which is located in the centre of the city. He stayed in second floor while the first floor was a sundry shop. When I asked Johnny why he had to put up with the ghosts there, he shrugged and said that he didn’t want to breach the contract and pay a hefty amount of money.

According to Johnny, a week after he moved into the haunted building, he felt someone would pull off his blanket at night while he was fast asleep. At first Johnny thought it was due to his habit of kicking off the blanket in his dreams, but during one of those occasions; Johnny was pretty sure that he was still sober thinking of his work in his bed. Suddenly he felt his thick blanket was being pulled from his feet. All of a sudden, the blanket flew away from Johnny as if someone was peeling a banana. And as a result, Johnny felt that as if he was forced to strip in his bed and he had to shiver in cold at night. At times, Johnny would sort of playing tug-of-war with the invisible force trying to secure his blanket but sad to say; Johnny was normally on the lose end. Once as recalled by Johnny, in a fight to secure his blanket; Johnny felt his body was lifted into the air and his blanket just being pulled away from his body in the mid of the air. And the, he just took a free fall from a height into his bed after the invisible force was gone.

Gradually, Johnny felt something started to jump in his bed after pulling off his blanket. These invisible thing then shouted and yelled at him as if they were amidst a party.

One night, Johnny woke up at night to pee. After he came out of the toilet, he saw rows of people went into his living room. Feeling curious, Johnny followed those mysterious folks into the living room and there he saw a group of people was partying. They were dancing, singing, drinking and yelling the top of their voices. Some of those party people saw Johnny, they grabbed hold of him and forced him into the living room to dance with them. The party lasted before dawn and as soon as the party folks dispersed, Johnny became so tired that he just found himself sprawled in the centre of the living room alone.

Since the first nocturnal party, Johnny were forced to join those ghostly parties almost every weekend he was in the house. Johnny said he had tried every method to stop those party animals from having party in his house but of no availed. Even those Taoist talismans and Buddhist mantra and mudras didn’t help. Since Johnny couldn’t terminate the contract, he spent most of his time in his friend’s house until the end of the contract. The first thing he did after the end of his contract was to return to Taiwan.

Johnny said: “Though the ghosts in Taiwan are scary, they would normally make some noises and leave you alone. Ghosts in US are more aggressive in nature and they are meant to make their presence known.”

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