Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bruising Marks (瘀青)

It may seem to be a stupid question to ask what can cause bruises to our body.

Naturally if our body knocked onto something heavy and rough, bruising mark shall surface on our body as some dark green or purple spots. It may be out of the blues for some of you who are more scientifically minded to say that spiritual attacks too will produce bruising marks. The difference between an actual bruising and a spiritual bruising is that physical bruising will remain on our body; the spiritual bruising marks will disappear within a few days or almost overnight after a spiritual cleansing ritual.

Having hag-rides and being assaulted by house ghosts are nothing new as I myself have come across many of similar cases. Below is a true case happened to Jessica Leong who happened to have stayed in a haunted house somewhere in Pennsylvania in the turn of this century. In Jessica’s own words:

I sought refuge under the True Buddha Tradition and I can see ghosts. At times, I could see those ghosts wandering in my house pretty clearly. I normally see them standing by my bed at night staring at me. Sometimes they would just jump into the bed and sleep with me.

Being hag-ridden at night during my sleeps were nothing new. My personal experience is that my whole body was transfixed in my bed in such a way that I couldn’t move my body or shout but I knew what was going on around me.

One night, when I was about to fall into slumber, I saw two ghosts jumping on my bed. One male and the other female ghost. After jumping for a while, the male ghost suddenly jumped onto my chest and pressing on me until I was nearly suffocated. Just before I became breathless, the ghosts seemed to be satisfied and left me alone. By then it was already dawn.

I woke up early in the morning to find many black and purple bruising marks all over my body. The marks looked like something have kissed all over my body and strangely speaking, I was wearing pyjamas all night long. It looked like ghosts can penetrate my clothing to do the assault. The special character of these bruising mark is that the centre of the bruising spot would appear deep green or purple and the colour gradually became paler as the spot expended around the centre. These bruising would disappear over a few days’ period without being treated.

Some parts of my body especially my buttock, waist and chest areas are favourite spots of the male ghosts. Every time after those ghostly attacks, large bruising marks could be found on those areas until so much so that those areas of my body became numb and hardened. I couldn’t feel a thing even being hit by my own fists… I am pretty sure those male ghosts that attacked me are quite lustful ones.

I tried many methods to exorcise the ghosts but they seemed to return after a while. I performed the boundary protection ritual at night and that had prevented the ghosts from harassing me but when I turned my body and moved outside of the protected boundary, the ghosts would continue to suck on my exposed body parts. Then I sought help from the lineage guru but all of those methods were quite useless…”

After hearing Jessica’s story, I said to her: “Sister, you got all the tantric ritual wrong… Most of all, you had followed the wrong tradition to begin with otherwise you would not experience those ghostly attacks. From the hear of it, looks like you really enjoyed the process too… Ha! Ha! Ha!”

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