Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Black Hound Blood (黑狗血)

Animal bloods are used extensively in folk magic of the world for various purposes: from increasing a sorcerer’s power to exorcism; and from cursing to breaking black magic.

In Taoist Yin Magic (阴法), the blood of snake, chicken and eel are mixed with rice wine to increase a sorcerer’s soul power. In Java, black cat’s blood is used to defeat a person’s protective magic but in Taoism; the blood of a black cat can be used to cause a temple to be void of gods and goddesses. Just a little quantity of black cat blood will prevent any Taoist gods and goddesses from descending down to that particular temple.

Black hound blood is normally used to exorcise a spirit or to coax a spirit out from its grave. In old times when gamblers have exhausted their idea to get the lucky numbers, they would resort to pierce a piece of long green bamboo into the grave of a dead pregnant woman and then pour black hound blood into the grave to force the woman’s ghost to come out to meet them.

However, according to Edward, there is a temple worshipping ‘river god’ once famous of predicting 4D (lucky numbers) around his place. Many people went to the temple to get lottery number predictions and many of those lucky folks stroke a fortune. As I heard, some of the lucky ones even got a windfall of MYR100,000.

As the saying goes: “a person’s meat is another person’s poison”. While gamblers were celebrating on their windfalls, those underground illegal 4D operators were furious about the river god that seemed to be a little generous in giving out those windfalls incidentally speaking had to fork out from those illegal operators’ own pocket. No illegal 4D bosses were too happy of seeing this ‘river god’ became famous in their expenses, so one night; the illegal operators brought some black hound blood and pour in front of the temple.

Unfortunate for the luck number seekers but fortunate for the 4D operators so to speak, since the pouring of black hound blood, all of those lucky numbers predicted by the medium of this ‘river god’ failed to hit any of the targets. Hence, lesser and lesser people went to the temple of the river god to pay their respect.

So, when asked if black hound blood had prevented this river god from possessing the spirit medium? I would think that such blood is only effective in chasing away spirits of lower realms but not to those higher or more powerful spirits. For example, black hound blood cannot chase away tantric gods for sure as they are offered with blood during summoning rituals. Perhaps this ‘river god’ is just a ghost of some sort, and the scent of blood has in fact drawn some demonic entities into the temple. It is actually these demons that had sacred away this so-called ‘river god’. If this is true, then whoever visited the river god temple will experience with bad luck due to the demonic aura in the said temple.

I have seen goats being beheaded and the oozing blood was splashed onto the idol of Kali as offering to this fearsome goddess many years ago in a private Kali temple in Selangor. In this case, the blood is only used as offerings and not as ingredients of any magic formula. In the western magic, pigeon blood is used to attract spirits of some sort. Of course, the most potent blood is the human blood in all magic traditions of the world. So said, human blood sacrifices are against most of our laws nowadays.

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  1. Well said Mr. Liew,

    In the Western Magickal practices, traditionally pigeons/doves blood were used in Western Ceremonial Magickal/Western Kabbalistic Magick/Abrahamic Magickal rites. Likewise, to be fair it was also mentioned in the Bible that pigeons and doves blood were used for offerings in the Old Testament.