Friday, December 16, 2016

Raped By Ghost (鬼奸人)

A friend brought a very interesting question: can spirits sexually assault a human being?

At the first glance for a ghost to have physical contact with a person because logically speaking, spirits are formed by gaseous substances and hence it cannot physically assault anyone or anything. However, a spirit will try to force enter into the body of a person through body openings such as nose, ears, mouth, eyes and also genitals. Once a spirit entered the body of a person, we say the person is ‘possessed’. Perhaps it is the sensation of penetration through the body openings especially the genitals that gave the impression of the victim was being ‘raped’. So said, such a phenomenon is very rare indeed.

Alice who returned from visiting her sister in the US claimed to have been physically raped by a ghost. According to Alice, her sister’s house was believed to be haunted by the ghost of former tenant who died in the living room.

One night while Alice was sleeping in her sister’s guest room, she felt the approach of the figure of a middle aged man.  The discovery was too late for Alice as she suddenly found she couldn’t move her body as if there was an invisible force bounded on her. So she couldn’t do anything but let the ghostly figure started to kiss all over her body. Later, as claimed by Alice, she felt the sensation of penetration into her genital which Alice said she was as if making love with a person.

Alice said that she fell into slumber in the process of being spiritually assaulted. The next morning, as soon as she woke up; Alice immediately inspected her body. Although her clothing remains intact and the blanket remained on her body when she opened her eyes, she discovered that there are bruising marks on her body. On further inspection, Alice found there was blood stain on her underwear which gave her the suspicion that she was somehow ‘raped’ by the ghost but other than that; there was no other noticeable physical injuries.

While I have heard of many cases of bruising marks left after being assaulted by ghosts, victims actually reported to be raped by ghosts are rare. Hence I suspected that the ghost or whatever it might have been didn’t mean to kiss and assaulted Alice. Instead, it was trying to find a ‘hole’ to go into hence producing the sensation of kissing and penetration. But unless there are more cases to be examined properly; it is very difficult to draw a general conclusion.

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