Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It Is Only Business Transaction (商业交易)

Perhaps now you don’t really think too much about Thai amulets or statues after reading MagicSEA. To me also to many others who had spent a fortune on these magical items, would not take a second look at those ‘holy’ items turned ‘commercial’ products. However, if you are still not convinced; let me share one of those stories from Edward:

A Malaysian couple, the husband is a Malaysian Chinese while his wife is a Thai.

During one of the trips accompanying his wife back to Thailand, they went to Bangkok and visited many Buddhist temples there while ‘invited’ many Thai amulets. After that the couple proceed to the Northeast part of Thailand and visited the famous Butterfly King Temple.

Happily, they arrived the Butterfly King Temple and as they entered into the temple, the abbot of the temple whom is known as the ‘Butterfly King’ came out and persuaded the couple to buy claimed to be very powerful temple made amulets. But the couple felt that since they already had a handful of amulets in their collections from last Bangkok trip, they declined the Butterfly King’s offerings.

Seeing not able to strike a (business) deal on his amulets, the said Butterfly King immediately shut his mouth, turned his back and walked away.

The naïve couple still oblivious of the Butterfly King’s dissatisfaction and went on visiting the temple and taking photos. After walking the temple for a while, as a customary practice; the couple decided to seek the blessing of the abbot by chanting and sprinkling of holy water.

At this point, the Butterfly King turned his black face towards the couple and very reluctantly, he simply chanted in a very rude manner. Such a haphazard action from the abbot has certainly angered the couple. And after the couple returned to Malaysia, they told their bad experience of dealing with this money minded monk and until today; they still couldn’t understand the behaviour of this monk.

This is how I heard the story. And, let me reiterate that Thai amulets or any amulets in this manner has no real power, the real power is with the money. If you have got the money, you have got the power; at least you can buy the smiling face of the Butterfly King in this case… Perhaps I should just say that it is best just to frame up your money and pray to it every day. If that doesn’t work, at least you can still take it down and buy something for yourself!


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  2. Absolutely certainly correctly true about these useless thai amulets. I have rather sleep, wear and worship toward cash money than powerless thai amulets. If thai amulet so powerful, the thais will be wealthy and prosperous. The amulets will be grab by the thais. Others from other country may dont get the chancec to own one.