Thursday, July 5, 2012

Javanese Recipes For Psychic Defence

Below are some of the Javanese recipes I got from my friend’s Javanese mother who has passed away last year. According to her the below recipes are good to resist vibration or evil thoughts (antidote):

1.      Recite Al-Ikhlas to coarse salt and spread around the house compound.

2.      Recite Al-Ikhlas to iron powder as a protection against people who want to do evil.

3.      Burn bamboo powder to ward off evil spirits.

4.      Use a male duck to prevent a spirit from following you.

5.      Use palm leaves and wrap in black cloth to ward off evil spirits at haunted place.

6.      Seeds of Morinda citrifolia fruits can be tugged into pillows to absorb negative energies while we are sleeping.

7.      Plant Kapok in your front yard to prevent unwanted people from visiting.

8.      Burn a single-eyed coconut and sweet corn mane to ashes and scatter the ash around your house to prevent bad people.

9.      Harsh vegetable seeds such as a pumpkin can be used to prevent psychic attack.

10.  Black dog meat can enhance protective power and enhance our sixth senses.

11.  Salted-egg can be used for psychic defence.

12.  Quail eggs with two bumps have good defensive power.

13.  Chicken/Duck feathers with reverse flow pattern are good for preventing black magic.

14.  “Akar miming” or “curling root” (a type of plant said to be found in Kalimantan) can be used to remove negative energy.

15.  “Kembang Sungsang”, a type of Gloriosa plant is used to push away black magic.

16.  Carve a child’s shape from banana tree stem and put on new clothing. Bury this banana stem to ward off “anak ambar” or a type of child’s spirit.

If you have tried any of the above recipe, please let me know J.

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