Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Are You Hot Or Cold Based?

Many people assume that herbal products cannot harm our body; so it is safe to consume as much as possible without due consideration given to their body characteristics.


Well, this is a dangerous assumption based on my experience. According to tradition medical classifications, human body is subdivided into two categories:


·         Hot based

·         Cold based


For example, if we are of cold based body type; and we consume too much herbal tea to bring down our body temperature, then we will feel cold, discomfort and sweaty and sticky palms. If we switch to drink some ginger tea, then we will feel warm and comfortable almost instantly. It is conversely true for the folks with hot based.


The above is only a very mild example where the adverse condition is only discomfort. For the weaker ones and with stronger herbs, life threatening situations can be resulted. So, we must exercise caution with herbal products before consumption.


  1. how to know if we are cold or hot based?

    1. Simply use our palms and press onto our stomachs.
      If at first our palms feel warm and gradually become cold; then we are cold based.
      If at first our palms feel warm and continue to feel warm; then we are hot based.