Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Notorious Five Ghosts (五鬼)

The statue of 5 ghosts ready made
The Taoist 5 ghost system is a well known system, one of the power Taoist rituals available since ancient times. If the 5 ghost altar is set up properly, then these 5 ghost brothers will make a person rich. For ordinary folks, this 5 ghost brothers can only be summoned once every 12 years. But for the capable ones, they can set up a permanent altar.


The 5 ghosts are:


·         The green ghost of east

·         The red ghost of south

·         The white ghost of west

·         The black ghost of north

·         The yellow ghost of center


The altar for 5 ghosts should be set up before 5th day of the 5th month of Chinese calendar. The altar for 5 ghosts must not be higher than the altar of other deities. One must prepare the below items:


·         Statue of the 5 ghosts if one wishes to set up a permanent altar, or cut out 5 pieces of paper manikins.

·         Prepare special candle holders, incense holders and food offerings such as chicken, duck, fish, pork, eggs and 7 cups of rice wine; 5 cups for the ghosts, 1 for the ghost king and one for the magician.

·         For ordinary people, cooked meats are offered, but for special groups who want more power; then raw meats are offered. This action has incidentally; make the ghosts more difficult to control.


The offering ritual can begin after 4pm daily. One must beware not to put the offering too long as once the 5 ghosts are too well fed, they become lazy.


In this specific system, the leader of the 5 ghost brothers, the “ghost king” is also worshipped together. Its function is to control these 5 ghosts so as not to create troubles.


The more traditional forms of 5 ghost system makes use of 5 human skulls or more recently, 5 human finger bones.


  1. Dear Sir,
    With due respect,
    please elaborate, how the five "granddaddy" make a person rich?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi,
      Hmm.. protect your properties, steal from others, destroy your competitors, pull in customers and many many more.. ;-)

      That is if you treat them properly.


  2. Hi..,

    If I wish to set up a 5 brother alter at my house what is the thing I need to do.. Like what???

    1. Hi Jackson,

      First, you must have some exposure in Taoist magic. Then you will need to invite the brothers to your house ;-)

  3. Hi Jickson,
    I don't think it's that simple. If I am not wrong, it is not advisable to have such an altar at home ( If you are not serious, have a family ) there are lots of protocols and Proceedures that you have to observe and perform strictly.

    1. Billion Ronl,

      Yes & no. Yes if you are a Mao Shan Taoist; no if you are not. Whatever the case, contact a master to do is the best bet.

  4. Hi Ship Perng Liew

    I last time tiao tang so can pray to 5 BROTHER

    1. Hi Jickson,

      Tell me about your tiao tang.

      5 Bro belongs to the yin gods, not so easy to handle. They can possess your body lor..

  5. 大二爷伯 is my god dad.. and alot teacher say 大二爷伯 from i baby to now they oso follow me and take care of me.. and they some time oso will visit my house so i am handle the 5 brother