Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Praise Of Kalacakra (時輪誦贊)

Namo Guru Shri Kalacakraye!


To the one with five wisdoms of Buddha shines,

He who with 32 auspicious signs and a perfect body,

Posting joyfully with his great seal of emptiness,

I request Guru Kalacakra to bestow auspiciousness!


The three existences appear as if an angry wheal with sharp teeth,

Devouring all sentient beings dead and alive,

I pray to the three gems for deliverance,

Hopefully the worrying beings can rest and recover.


Amongst emptiness and the 5 elements, self awareness is the supreme joy,

Embracing bindu, 6 elements and great seal,

Taking emptiness and compassions as my awareness,

I prostrate to Guru Kalacakra, the perfect union of dual aspects.


Denying the filth of ignorance and achieving the pure realm of emptiness,

The one who stays in the rainbow like palace,

The one who shows himself as the body of golden child,

Please bestow me with the sword of wisdom!


Benefiting the mundane world with effective medicines,

Removing heat and fever with the nectar of compassions,

The savor that is holding a lotus,

This is the one I will uphold until I am enlightened.


The four merits: wish fulfilling, dharma, wealth and enlightenment,

The one that achieves all will see the existence of the pure land,

To the perfect and auspicious Shambala kingdom,

I sincerely prostrate to the coming of holy kings!


I have vowed to turn the wheel of secret mantras,

I want to drink the nectar released from king of sutras,

To the forth coming of the holy land of Vidyaharas,

I only prostrate to the feet of Jonang and Shri Kalacakra!

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