Monday, January 21, 2013

Wish upon the TV Station

Below is Mr. Ong’s another experience on mind power:


Back at the end of year 2000, I was out of work upon completion of a constructional Gas processing Plant project. (Owned by Petronas Sdn. Bhd.). I tried to have a rest after tediously going through from one construction project to another.


I accidentally read a book about witchcraft that we could actually use mental power to will something logical to happen. One night, I was sitting outdoor in my house that faced TV Towers, which individually topped with red aircraft warning lights. Red light is an ideal alternative for candle light in practical concentration.


I paid rigid concentration to one of the red lights, and willed an ideal job to come with a very forcing mindset for few minutes. I was still exhausted, restless, and feeling headache when came to sleeping hours. I was curious about the Will Power, and just gave it an honest attempt.


Three days later, I received a call from a Korean contractor who asked me to attend my duty at soonest. I was interviewed by his manger few weeks ago, but seemed hopeless when he did not call me again ever since. He told me I was still his best choice after serious consideration. I never thought Will Power worked under my least expectation !


Collective dew drops on a yam leaf join up together as one large drop, once shaken. It works under the principle - like attracts alike. In other words, whatever under the same or similar vibrating frequency are attract to each other. Will or Wish is energy has its own frequency, which attract similar energies to “compose” a wish. Those energies “broadcast” even faster and further with the aid of TV station. This was explained to me by an American psychic who worked in FBI, Texas. He was my intimate friend. 


If one is a taxi driver, then never limit himself by wishing “ I have more and customers from month to month”. Instead, just wish for “financial comfort or richness” to open up countless monetary sources likely,  windfall, salary raise of a family member, remarkable dividend of a certain fund etc. My point is never limit yourself but be opened to countless possibilities when wishing for something.


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