Sunday, January 27, 2013

Conjuring Demon King Ranama

Items required for a burnt offering.
Ranamas are demonic kings dwell in cemetery areas. They normally appear as black shadows or sometimes accompany by black snakes. Not many people are willing to call on these folks as they are blood thirst creatures and their favorite foods are black goat, black chicken, fresh blood, raw meat and intestines.


The prerequisite before trying this ritual is you must at least accomplish the completion stage of anuttara yoga such as Yamantaka or Hayagriva or any of the similar systems. There is a distinct advantage for the anuttara yoga practitioners as the subtle body of the practitioners can be integrated into that of the demon king to achieve very special siddhi.


You will need to find a potential graveyard that is dwelled by Ranamas through divination or conjuration methods. But beforehand, below items must be prepared:


·         Slaughter a whole black goat, skin it intact completes with head, four legs and tail. The meat, blood and internal organs can be served as offerings to Ranama; while the name of Ranama is written on the goat skin with the blood.

·         Place the goat skin with its head facing the conjuror and prepare a burnt offering ritual to subdue Ranama. The fire ritual must be done after 12 midnight.

·         First perform fire offering to the Heruka, then towards the end of the ritual; call upon Ranama 10 times and offer 1 piece of goat meat to the fire altar. Repeat until all of the meat and offerings are completely burnt off. Finally quench the fire with the goat’s blood.

·         Meditate and wait for Ranama to appear or signs such as the appearance of a black snake, wind, rain or lightning and thunder.

·         Once the initial sign is obtained, the conjuror can go back and Ranamas will come to the conjuror asking for more offerings, pact, favor etc.


My guru told me the best place to find powerful Ranamas are at the sky burial sites in Tibet and Himalayan mountain ranges; perhaps Ranamas do migrate to other parts of the world too. I don't encourage any one to call upon these demonic entities into his/her house without proper guidiance; so just read and enjoy this rare ritual from Himilayan mountain regions.



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