Friday, January 11, 2013

Ethics Of Love Spell

This posting is contributed by Mr. Ong. I think it is a good article to talk about negative effects of a love spell at this time.


Normally an experienced Chinese witch would use several divination methods to find out if a love spell is workable. He/ she considers if both parties are a suitable match, any positive or positive karmic link from past lives etc. In other words, they do not simply cast a love spell for those who paid for, even at very high price. Below is just a typical example why negative impact has to be considered beforehand.


I watched this story on Youtube. A married Taiwanese male had love affairs with a beautiful lady who he was never serious with. Few years later, he turned cold and decided to leave the lady.


His third party loved him deeply, and could never ever let go. She asked help from a Mou Shan master who refused because this man had a family. He explained that such deed could seriously debit his (master ) and her good Karma, even harmful to herself. I did not quite understand the Chinese words 损阴德(bad karma) as he said. She persuaded the master with success finally.


His love spell returned both of them to previous romantic passion, even closer. Months later, the master called to the lady and advised there was a bloody disaster coming on her way. She just ignored and acted as normal. Afterward, she went for a simple plastic surgery for her eyes that caused her lots of bleedings. May be she had even more to suffer later.


One may say that was her karma that she had to repay. Buddhism has even wider and more complex views on this matter as assumed below:


·         May be it was her turn to be third party, since the male’s wife was her third party in previous life.

·         Unsettled Karmic debts between 3 of them in past lives.

·         Without the karmic relationship ( Known as yuen in Chinese ), this male has no chance to even meet the third party. Never a romance without yuen.


So we should never wrong anyone for being a third party, as some hidden reasons are beyond our normal knowledge. If you read more about soul purpose, and explore deeply into our past lives, you will surely find out every happening has a reason. Thus, I do not simply judge anything with my mundane logical sense.



  1. To not judge anything, its easier said than done. But I suppose with our aging, maturity and life experience that we individually gone through we can try to 'not to judge anything'. Afteral, there's always two side of the story.

    Yeah, not going to be easy but it is a good advice from Mr Liew.