Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Taking Care Of Your Spiritual Friends

This is probably something very new to many of us. But this practice already prevails for a very long time; especially true for many business men and women in the East and West. So we are talking about keeping spirits to help up in business and the most noticeable icon is the Datuk shrines we see everywhere in Malaysia. The Javanese and Thai worship “kid spirits” and the Iban and Dayak have their own version of guardian spirits. In the West, there are cultural specific familiar spirits such as banshee, fairies or gargoyles.


Okay. How do we go about to keep it safe while tapping the powers of our supernatural friends? Below are some simple pointers that I had in my capacity in dealing with these spirits:


·         Keep the spirit at a quiet corner, or a separate room where no one will disturb it. Prepare a tablet, a doll or something that will not attract attention.

·         Offer the spirits with simple offerings such as incense, candles and tea/water daily. If you are keeping ‘kids spirits’ such as kumantong or toyol; then offer them biscuits and milk also twice daily. Also it is customary to offer clothing and toys to the spirits.

·         Keeping spirits is a long term effort. Give them time to perform, some may take 3 to 5 years depending on the size of your business.

·         The best businesses for harnessing the power of spirits are casinos, pubs and night clubs where people drink and smoke a lot. This is because the more visitors to the premises, the more energy the spirits will be able to absorb and hence they are more powerful.

·         There is no danger in keeping spirits in this way as spirits are everywhere whether you keep them or otherwise. We are just providing a service or a place for them to sit and stay.

·         If you find that your business increases even with the smallest percentage, reward them with more offerings.

·         Promise to give them a good religious deliverance service once you are moving to another location or you want to end the relationships. Please don’t throw them away as if rubbish: as the saying goes, “all starts well, end well.”


  1. is it possible to keep the spirits altars in a house that is in immediate closeness to the business? I have a friend who has a night club and he lives next house, separated by a small fast food also his
    thank you

    1. Yes. Many people keep the spirit altars in the shop to let the spirits watch over their shops at night. There is no harm in keeping the spirit altar somewhere near. Or if people prefer, the spirits can also be summoned into a ring so that they can be brought together with the person. In that case, it is more for personal uses rather than business.