Monday, January 14, 2013

Cursed By Spouse? Though!

You will never know that the person who is more likely to cast you black magic is the person right beside you. This is because the magic ingredients such as hairs, finger nails, photos, old clothing etc. can only be obtained by the person next to you. On the other hand, black magic such as menstruation blood, sole water, bath water, santau or cow hide kong need to be consumed once or more time; so only the person closest to you can perform such a deed. It is a fact that if the person beside you wants you dead, there is no escape.


Personally, I will not want to treat such cases because once involved, I will be involved in a never ending tug-of-war game amongst the husband and the wife. This game only end with one of the party either died or divorce. Hence my advice to the person who suspects that his or her couple has casted some magic on him/she to:


·         Talk it over between the couple in private before call in any magicians. Otherwise a third party will tend to take advantage of the situation if care is not exercised.

·         If all effort to settle the issue fails within the family, then the last resort is to leave the person temporarily if it is indeed a magic is cast on to the person.

·         Understand that primitive acts such as feeding her husband menstruation blood, urine or sole water yield not result. They are meant to control and to provide a sense of security. So let’s talk it over before starting a magical war that would only hurt your pocket. Not every magician does things for ‘free’!

·         Decide yourself and not through a third party, guru or magician that you are indeed suffers from black magic. More often than not, it may be just that you are too tired or your wife is too bossy that made you feel a black magic is cast. Stay cool and decide what is good and what is not.


Magic works but not so much as depicted in the pop cultures. So don’t blame it on black magic if your spouse is from Southeast Asia regions; magic hardly function that efficiently except for direct poisoning ;-)!

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