Saturday, January 12, 2013

Taking Care Of Old Folks Alone

This has nothing to do with magic; since this is an issue that we cannot overlook and it is indeed the most common issue that people want me to help them on. So let us take a look into this mundane problem.


In the east, growing old with children and grandchildren around is a lucky thing. What old folks (that you and I will one day become) hope for; is to stay with all family members cosily until the end of time. Unfortunately, due to the rapid changing of our eastern society and sky rocketed living expenses; big families have to break off to earn a living.


Many people come to me because they are tired and exhausted in taking care of their aged parents alone around the clocks until such a situation that they can only have a few hours’ sleep each night.


So I asked the question: “What about the other siblings?” The answers are many:


·         “Oh, they are doctors/scientists/professors overseas.”

·         “They don’t give a damn.”

·         “They themselves have got problems of their own.”

·         “I am the single child.”

·         “My husband/wife dislikes them.”

·         And many more reasons.


When we were young, our parents took care of us. It is conversely true that we should take care of them when they’re old. But are we capable of doing that? Honestly, I can’t.


I have friends who have helped their parents to toilet, bath and even eat for consecutive 20 years or more around the clock. I am no doctor, but I know that in long run; this stressful situation will ruin ones health. This is the reason that I thought of just sharing some of my advices I gave to many of my friends who were at the edge of nervous breakdown:


·         Find a good charity organization that is willing to take in your old folks with a reasonable fee. Believe me; you cannot take care of a person 24 hours. Not to mention two!

·         Join the organization to do charity work if you don’t have a job, so that you can spend first half of the day with your love ones. If not, keep your parents company whenever possible.

·         Now that you have some free time to yourself, you can plan what you want to do next.


Believe me, there are no amount of prayers or magic rituals can pull you out of this predicament. Studying magic is good, but most often than not; we have to come back to our senses in solving our physical problems.

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