Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Keep To The Rules, Please.

I have had many chances to communicate and discuss with our younger and more energetic magic practitioners. Many of these magicians wanted to help family members, friends or even persons that they do not know and without being asked for help. While I don’t deny that helping people in their back can accumulate merit; many magicians don’t know that they also indirectly producing bad karma for interfering others business.


For example, if my brother-in-law doesn’t believe in magic, and he has a problem with his business partner; if my in-law doesn’t ask my help, then I can’t interfere. This is known as the “rules of the road” or “rules of engagement”. The reason is simple: this is not my fight. I have no problems with my in-law’s partner, and conversely true. Should I engage to help without being asked for, then this becomes the fight of this non-related stranger with me. The hero, i.e. my in-law will be off the hook without taking the responsibility that he should have; and if he quarrelled with another party, should I also take on another party that also cast a spell on my in-law?


Once a magician engaged him/her in this type of needless and endless struggle, the magician’s aura will turn to be very sharp, thick and aggressive, gradually his/her friends will not like to keep him/her in their company. Needless to say that gradually this person will felt he/she is not welcomed and isolate him/herself.  This is not only bad for career advancement, but also very bad for human relationships. Just imagine, how awful if you are in your twenties working in a company but feeling alone and sort of shy away by others.


This is especially true for many of the tantric rituals where the visualisation is about skulls, destruction, blood, demons, graveyard etc. No wonders my guru rinpoche always advise us not to learn tantric rituals too young. Whatever you plan to do, just keep to the rules and you will be alright.

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