Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mind Power: Realistic & Unrealistic Mindsets

Mr. Ong has kindly share his mind power experimentation. In his own words:


Below is a “true story” (like former TV3 series- Kish Benar) happened in 1980s that I promised to share with you. 


An old neighbouring widow stayed with her only daughter, and earned limited cost by offering laundry service to teachers at a nearby high school. Her husband passed away due to stroke many years ago. She always talked to me about her difficult life during my frequent visits to her. I said I could only pray for her when she asked if I could help.


I was a simple; naïf soul aged around 30 at that time, and had a very clear mind. I made up my mind to help by visualizing her house turned into a bakery shop, owing to her past experience as a professional baker. I visualized she was mixing cake mixtures, and I was right there playing with the whipped cream. I did this under very deep meditative level enhanced with sound, smell effects, as real as possible.


My childish mindset was just for fun and experiment, nothing more. Nine months later, while cycling to workplace, I was thrown into astonishment to see her house labelled as “xxx Cake House”. The fact was, a wealthy woman baker paid high rent for her house, in consideration to uplift her economic burden.  


The outcome was neither the poor woman nor I baked in that house.


My subconscious mind had even a smarter solution for her trouble, once an intentional blue print for help was clearly set up. No physical efforts on my part, just pure mental workout under very deep meditative level. No faith, no unshaken will, but only a sincere desire to help. Additionally, rational thinkers are unable to visualize creatively, unrealistically and properly. Of course, unrealistic does not mean we can expect horns grown on a dog ! At least according to latest scientific technique.  


I reason out it worked under the same principle as mentioned in one of the best seller book titled “The Secret”. I had no chance to read it in 1980s. My instinct tells me, once a wish is sharply focused, it gathers some unseen powerful energies in the universe in bringing it into fruition. You have lots to explore in a book titled- Infinite Power Of Your Subconscious Mind written by the deceased Joseph Murphy.  

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