Monday, January 14, 2013

Politics: In The Eyes Of Spirit

Below is a spirit’s view about Malaysian politics. Let’s read with an open mind and with a smile. I am not too in to politics but the below predictions made I smiled for the whole day… The reason is I didn’t know that foreign spirits are interested in Malaysian politics too. Just hope that this posting doesn’t also mean foreign intervention into Malaysian politics.


So, what is the future of Malaysian politics? Below is what a psychic, Anthony says about the Malaysia politics. The prediction was done roughly in the middle of last year (2012). Our spiritual worlds have different and further view points about our worldly matters. Just read with an opened mind, and let me know what ideas come up onto your mind. The future is not set in stone, but keeps on changing from time to time. Based on the frequencies he picked up from that time, he wrote as below:  


“Spirit says that although nothing much will happen in December with regards to the political situation, there will be a new coalition and joining of parties and groups to bring change to Malaysia. Spirit shows that this will not be completely peaceful, however it will not be all out war either. Spirit shows there is something hidden there with the government and what you are seeing as the face of the power is merely a puppet or false face. Spirit shows a larger game is taking place and it goes beyond the borders of your country into the larger powers of very elite wealth and quite low vibrational people. You will see significant changes in the next 2 years when there is a revelation of much deeper corruption and economic thievery. Spirit says there will be a fruition of the prayers of the people, but the road to that fruition will be many, many years. Spirit shows the system in place has already robbed the people of so much and in that way it will take a long time for the economy to be something that benefits the people. Spirit shows your country is destined for new leadership of a newly created party of many factions. Spirit shows that change will come, however it will be a long road.”


Peace and joy,



If any Medium, Bomoh, Archan, Kyai, Guru or Shaman out there has similar predictions, then it would be good to share here too J!

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